Hollyweirdo Actress Claims Media Coddles Trump

In what is amazing news for Donald Trump, some Leftist idiots believe that President Trump is being coddled by the media.

So says one of the president’s most outspoken critics, Alyssa Milano.

Do you understand how great this news is?

Consider that social media serves Conservatives about 96 percent of our news. Next, consider that 92 percent of the “fake news” outlets report negative news about Trump.

With those statistics how could one possibly believe that the media coddles Trump? That’s like spooning with a porcupine!

Trump gets hammered by the news daily, and yet the Left feels like he is winning. Talk about having the Trump media engine on cruise control.

When you consider the new manufactured media, there is no better producer of media than Trump himself.

As the president proclaimed not long ago, without him to write about many of the Leftist rags are out of business. At this point these people must spin everything, because there is simply too much good news to report.

The economy is booming. Even two years after leaving office, Barack Obama tried desperately to claim credit for the economy, only to be scoffed at by his own party. President Trump trolled the former presidential clown by producing a video of Obama in his own words, saying manufacturing is gone for good. Obama added that Trump would make promises he couldn’t keep.

Unfortunately for Obama, Trump not only saved Carrier, he brought back 400,000 manufacturing jobs in his first two years in office. When you claim manufacturing is gone, and lose 17,000 manufacturing jobs in your final year in office, it’s difficult to take credit for jobs returning.

So the Trump News Network has become the biggest news network on the planet. Trump tweets are followed worldwide, and despite the shadow-banning by Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Trump’s tweets reach more people than any single news network.

How else could President Trump not fall by the wayside with the fake news onslaught.

His news network manages daily to undo anything the fake news media puts out. And despite the attempts by the fake news networks to demoralize the Trump base, I assure you that base grows and gets stronger by the day.

Milano is right, in that Trump News Network coddles the president. He credits himself when the fake news media refuses to recognize his achievements. Some call this ego, bragging. But Trump merely makes statements of fact.

Ironically, the media has attempted to minimize Trump, chronicling his so-called lies. I’ve heard numbers now ranging from 3,000 lies since he took office to as many as 6,000. It’s fun to watch these Leftist talking heads try to spin Trump’s words, and establish new narratives.

What doesn’t lie are results. So yet again the fake news falls flat on their faces. This has become the norm, as story after story unravels, and narratives fall apart. And nothing will change, as Trump will continue to dominate the media. He’s the master showman, and he has one thing going in his favor. He knows how to get great results.


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