Kid With No Legs Fights to Defend Trump

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I often ask my radio show listeners if they are willing to fight for their convictions.

I certainly am. And as a trained fighter, I know that I may not win every fight. That’s not the point. What my willingness to fight proves is that I won’t be anybody’s punk.

And while I fully do expect to kick the ass of anybody who thinks they can shut down my point of view with violence, again that’s not the point. But the point is most people don’t want to fight the person willing to fight. It’s much easier to find others to prey upon.

You know these non-fighters are. They’re the people willing to back down from any conversation that appears confrontational. Do you know who you are? Either you’re a fighter, or you’re one who easily backs down.

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President Trump won the presidency on a “whisper campaign” that Democrats refused to believe. Unbelievably, the whispers continue.

The truth is, supporting Trump publicly is fraught with potential dangers. Recall the kid who got a drink thrown in his face by a big Latino man who then stole the teen’s MAGA hat. And there have been many other far more vicious encounters.

So standing up for Trump takes guts. Imagine if all Trump supporters had the kind of courage Joy Villa possesses? Far too many Trump supporters lack those guts. I say to them, check out the kid in this video.

A kid with prosthetic legs is forced to defend his support of Donald Trump.

Imagine being a handicapped person having to fight over your point of view. And look at the age of this young man. I’m guessing under 15?

He lives in a world where he must fight for his convictions, and he is at a disadvantage. I bet as you watched this video, you wondered how bad things would end up for this young man? After all, he is handicapped.

And when he takes off his prosthetic legs, you likely felt that was the end?

But notice how well he moved on his torso; how he dodged punches. And when the time came for him to pounce on his foe, he acted.

Frankly, I hope he continued to kick the dog sh*t out of that punk. But there are bigger messages in this fight.

First, the fact that a young black man was willing to stand for conviction excites me. These are stories you won’t hear in the media.

Second, the fact that a young black man was willing to stand for conviction showcases what I have been saying about politics in America since Trump. That young man represents the blossoming of the former “whisper campaign”. He represents millions who now willingly fight against the odds.

Imagine what happens as more closeted Trump supporters emerge to fight.




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