Revoke Barack Obama’s Security Clearance Now

President Trump revoked John Brennan’s security clearance, but there is a far more dangerous traitor in our midst.

With all the corruption exposed in the Obama administration, Obama’s security clearance should have been revoked months ago.

Some in the fake news media described the move of the president as “authoritarian” and “dictator” like. Additionally, they have accused Trump’s actions as his “payback” for Brennan’s constant criticism of the president. However, the media does not tell you how Brennan received his security clearance.

In one of my most recent articles, I noted that up until the Obama administration anyone who was associated with or involved in a communist party that sought to destroy the United States couldn’t serve in the U.S government.

Obama didn’t care.

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And he appointed Brennan head of the CIA anyway.

Now, as the talks of the possibility of others being stripped of their security clearances such as James Comey, and Peter Strzok, the media is now claiming Trump threatened Obama’s security clearance as well.

Snowflakes spin the wheel of lies again.

 Ex-national security adviser H.R. McMaster talked President Trump out of blocking former President Barack Obama’s access to intelligence briefings last year, according to a report Monday.

Around March 2017, when Trump accused his predecessor….of wiretapping Trump Tower, some of his associates in the White House were pushing their boss to pull the security clearances of Obama administration officials.

Some even suggested that Obama should lose access to intelligence briefings, an extreme move as all living ex-presidents can get them. But, the New Yorker reports, Trump was told of the importance of allowing former presidents to keep access to intelligence as they sometimes meet with foreign leaders, and with McMaster’s insistence, decided not to make a move against Obama.

In a tweet, President Trump outright denied this kind of conversation ever took place.

Whether this story is true or not, the subject of Obama and his clearance has been brought up which is worth analysis.

Should Obama keep his security clearance?

Further, should Comey, Strozk, and others keep their clearances as well?

Well, let us look at what happened while all these high-ranking officials had their clearances and what they did with them.

First, under Obama’s watch with James Comey as head of the FBI and John Brannan as head of the CIA they did nothing to stop China from stealing our technology.

“Unfortunately, the backsliding continued under President Obama,” Van Cleave told two subcommittees of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

After 8 years nothing was done by the Obama administrationto deal with China’s threat to our national security.

Next, we now know that North Korea never honored its agreement not to acquire nuclear weapons. Under Obama, nothing was done to curb this real dangerous threat to the national security of the entire world.

Further, we know the Russians meddled in our elections in one way or another, something that has occurred for decades.  And what did Obama say of this meddling when he was sure that Hillary Clinton would win?

It came as no shock that Obama told another big fat lie to the American people.

And while Obama claims to have had no scandals in his administration, America sits on the precipice of finding out just how big of a lie that was. Undoubtedly Obama and his lackeys spearheaded one of the most corrupt witch-hunts in American history. While blaming the Russians, Obama and his minions did everything in their power to rig the 2016 presidential election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

The buck stops here.

  1. Who was president when all of these scandals unfolded? (Obama)
  2. Who was the head of CIA? (Brennan)
  3. Who was the head of the FBI? (Comey)
  4. Who was Secretary of State? (Clinton)
  5. Which administration sat and did nothing to protect the national security of this country?

And these scandals mentioned here are just skimming the surface of what the past administration did to this country. Americans need to wake up and smell reality.

So, I ask you, does this sound like a national security team using their privileges to serve the American people?

Should individuals who have used their clearance to try and overturn a legitimately elected president be allowed to have access to sensitive information?

If anybody should not have access to national security, it’s the former president who will soon be proven to be a scurrilous traitor to the Republic. In the real world, removing Obama’s security clearance would be a no-brainer.


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