President Trump’s EPIC Response to Meghan McCain

President Trump’s EPIC Response to Meghan McCain

John McCain died recently. And somebody said his funeral took place. But it was anything but a funeral.

Leftists of all ilk attended the spectacle. And almost all of them politicized the event to the point of embarrassment. As if embarrassing a Democrat is even possible. 

Perhaps one of the worst was the daughter of the deceased herself. Meghan McCain has no love for President Trump since her father picked a fight with him. When Donald Trump delivered the knockout blow, saying McCain was no hero, that was his undoing. Well that, and the fact that Donald Trump accomplished what a war “hero” and Senator couldn’t: win the White House.

So Meghan McCain lashed out. At a time when she should have merely reminded people of her love for her father, McCain decided to continue the fight on behalf of her daddy. Bad move.

McCain the younger no longer lives under the protective gauntlet of the McCain brand, sullied though it had become. The man known as the “maverick” with the fiery temper is no more. And when the king dies, somebody usually gets the offspring.

I certainly believe President Trump sees Meghan McCain for what she is. Somebody who rode the coattails of her infamous father, but not a threat in the least. But her attack on Make America Great Again elicited an epic response from President Trump.

Yes, the bitch-slap really was that simple. And oh so elegant.

Like the Leftists who scoffed at Trump’s slogan at the onset, McCain will find out how America feels about her, her father, and Leftists in general. Further, she doesn’t have to look too far for examples.

A call to Colin Kaepernick may be in order. Because he tried to pull the race card on MAGA and look where it go him. If McCain believes she can pull the “hero” card, I think she will soon get a rude awakening.

There are no heroes in the middle. One must pick a side. And the McCains chose the Left.

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