Puerto Rico Mayor’s BACKFIRE Against President Trump

Puerto Rico Mayor’s BACKFIRE Against President Trump

The Mayor of Puerto Rico did her best to make President Trump look incompetent.

And if that meant starving her citizens, then so be it.

According to CBS News, she certainly didn’t do all she could to make sure many taxpayer dollars in aid wasn’t wasted.

Donated food sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria were left to rot in a parking lot of a government facility, CBS News corresondent David Begnaud reported Friday. Additionally, about 10 containers filled with non-perishable supplies sat at the government facility for 11 months.

Video of supplies covered in rodent droppings was first posted by a Puerto Rican radio station Radio Isla on Thursday. When Begnaud visited, the trailers with the containers were locked Friday.

The National Guard said in a statement the donations that were highlighted were not distributed because they were expired. Stored items that were not expired would be distributed in the coming days, the National Guard said.

This might have been more believable, if the Mayor hadn’t made it clear that she was working against President Trump.

Remember when just after the storm we reported this:

The Democrats there believe they can make a “Katrina” of Maria, the hurricane that recently devastated the island sh*thole paradise. So they intentionally thwart attempts by President Trump to restore things to normal.

Months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, nearly half the island’s residents remain powerless. But FEMA sent hundreds of workers to the area to help restore the electrical grid, so why the delay? Materials.

Items critical to restoring the grid in Puerto Rico are missing. Over the weekend, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began raiding warehouses. To their amazement, they found that the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority has been “hoarding” these critical items.

The intercept reported that FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered a warehouse in Palo Seco  where they found hundreds of tension steel sleeves and nearly 3,000 items necessary for contractors helping Puerto Rico restore power.

Hard to imagine people putting politics before people. However, that’s modis operandi for Leftists.

Mismanagement by Leftists is nothing new. Puerto Rico has languished under Leftists mismanagement for decades. So the hurricane only highlighted what most people knew of the island in financial turmoil.

As we reported on the incompetent mayor,

Carmen Yulin Cruz used Hurricane Maria to bash the President. Six months later, her constituents are fed up.

Cruz always wanted to stand in the spotlight. Therefore, when Hurricane Maria knocked on her door, Cruz welcomed the storm with open arms. She threw on a ball cap, waded into flood waters, and called for the cameras to roll.

Cruz’s desperate pleas for help created an international star for Leftists. However, Leftism is so last decade, so not everyone bought into her drama.

Cruz turned to Geraldo Rivera, saying hundreds of people were dying in the streets without assistance. The reality? Only 58 patients were found in local hospitals. Of those, only one was in critical care.

While Trump worked to manage the logistics of sending massive aid, Cruz pretended Trump was the enemy. However, a hidden agenda was always at play. Now we know Cruz wasted over $20,000 dollars funding a violent anti-Trump protest against a Federal Fiscal Board.

Puerto Rico has serious financial issues, and are dangerously close to insolvency. Cruz paid protesters in an attempt to stop the forming of a Federal Fiscal Control Board to monitor and regulate government spending in Puerto Rico. A crackdown on funding means there is less to skim off the top.

Cruz fabricated this lie in an attempt to prove that Puerto Ricans object to fiscally responsible leaders like President Trump?

Let’s hope that Puerto Ricans wake up soon. Stop supporting Democrats promising everything but delivering nothing.


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