Sen Hirono Claims Women Don’t Lie [Video]

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Senator Mazie Hirono claims women don’t lie about sexual assault.

She is of the ilk that women must be believed no matter what, when they make allegations of sexual abuse.

Apparently Hirono sees how making bold and crazy statement can raise one’s stock with Leftist women?

The limelight of Pelosi, Mad Maxine and Elizabeth Warren may be what Senator Hirono obviously wishes to bask with the

Sure, she’s said a lot of moronic things lately, but most of them are pure opinion. Here are some samples.

  • 9/26/18 “To the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.”
    Imagine if a man had said that about women.
  • 9/24/18 “They cannot get their arms around the fact that women do not make these things (rape accusations) up.”
  • 6/27/18 Detention facilities are “reminiscent of what happened to the Japanese Americans during World War II”
    Never mind that what FDR did was to citizen’s of the United States who were just minding their own business.
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Hirono is either completely naïve or just plain stupid. And since it is a statement of fact (according to her) and not an opinion, how about a little fact check?

A quick search for false rape allegations brought up these names.

The Liars:

  • Jessica Gallagher
    Accused a man of raping her because he wouldn’t give her a ride home.
  • Nikki Yovino
    Claimed rape after consensual sex because she thought someone else wouldn’t want to date her if they knew she’d slept with someone else.
  • Mary Zolkowski
    Lied about a rape in a parking lot. Didn’t name any suspects.
  • Crystal Mangum
    The Duke Lacrosse case. Accused several members of the Duke LaCrosse team of raping her.
  • Tawana Brawley
    Accused four white men of having raped her, and got a large settlement from it.
  • Sherita Dixon-Cole
    Claimed a Texas State Trooper assaulted her. The video cameras show it didn’t happen.
  • Jackie Coakley
    The Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus” was written about her. She lied in an attempt to get a boy to like her.

Now, this isn’t saying that all women lie. Nor is my claim that most women do. But clearly women should not automatically be believed. Because some women do lie.

I have no problem with law enforcement investigating all allegations of sexual abuse. These allegations must be taken seriously, because this most heinous crime does happen. And sexual abuse has NO politic, though admittedly I believe most rapists are Leftists.

But everybody deserves to be heard. And not pilloried in the court of public opinion.



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