Fox Fires Me: Check Out SERIOUS RACIST Leftists on Twitter

I have learned much about social media over the past few years. Mostly, I know that the people who lead the largest social media companies hate Conservatives.

After I was fired from Fox News, their trolls emerged in a coordinated effort. I’m certain that part of their strategy led to my firing in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, they likely did me a favor. I was on the shelf at Fox News for the most part.

Only minutes after my firing, I said to myself, “It’s Fox’s mistake.” I know the value of my commentary, and I know how most of the producers feel about it as well.

So next, I thought to myself, “I’ll show you.”

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No emotion, thus no exclamation point needed.

Just a statement of fact. And I will show Fox they made a mistake. A huge mistake.

Back to social media.

The trolls were relentless. Below are a few examples of the more benign messages I received.

Then things got racial.

Interesting stuff. Amazing that Twitter doesn’t catch these, and “auto-delete” given how easily they shadow-ban Conservatives.

But what really got me curious is when I reported one troll. Honestly, I wasn’t hurt in the slightest. I really wanted to understand how Twitter handled grievances.

The system actually shows you the tweets made where your Twitter ID is included.

Tweet ID 1046102844141686785
@KevinJacksonTBS This leftist thinks you’re an asshole and a moron.
Oh wait… I just insulted assholes and morons with that comparison.
I’m sorry to all you decent assholes and morons.

Tweet ID 1046101683519074304
@KevinJacksonTBS @jack If you believe that you’re a blithering moron.

Tweet ID 1045400652782829568
@KevinJacksonTBS If you mean a lying, sniveling coward, YES !
If you mean a weak, emotional sissy, YES !
If you mean an ignorant, sexist and violent predator, YES !

Tweet ID 1045701405569208320
@JeffFlake You are a disgrace to our country! Please do not ever waste our time speaking on the floor ever again! You talk and talk but then you always follow it up with actions that show us you put party over country! You are a disgrace! Get the fuck out already!!

Tweet ID 1045415010090987520
@LindseyGrahamSC You are an arrogant piece of SHIT !!
You will ROT IN HELL, you ignorant motherfucker !!!

I did a screenshot of the entire email as well.

Here is Twitter’s response to this.


Thank you for your recent report. We have reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of the Twitter Rules against abusive behavior ( 

There are a number of factors we take into consideration when deciding whether to take action on content:

Context matters

  • Some Tweets may seem to be abusive when viewed in isolation, but may not be when viewed in the context of a larger conversation. While we accept reports of violations from anyone, sometimes we also need to hear directly from the target to ensure that we have proper context.
  • The number of reports we receive does not impact our assessment of whether something violates the Twitter Rules.

We focus on behavior

  • In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.
  • Additionally, we enforce policies when someone reports behavior that is abusive and targets an entire protected group and/or individuals who may be members. This targeting can happen in multiple ways (e.g., mentioning someone, tagging someone in a photo, and more).

If, after you filed this original report, this person Tweeted additional content that you believe to be abusive, or if there’s additional context you think we need to know regarding this situation, please reply to this email and provide us with further details (including links to any additional Tweets).

In addition to Twitter’s efforts to enforce our Terms of Service, we also provide tools to assist users in controlling their Twitter experience:

Context matters.

There you have it. Twitter’s response to the vitriol on the Left. Keep in mind, I was on probation for asking Hillary Clinton and Ashley Judd if there is an equivalent for “Sellout” with feminists when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

If context matters, that certainly was a legit inquiry.


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