Stormy Daniels Newest Claim: Hillary Had Plans With Trump

Stormy Daniels Newest Claim: Hillary Had Plans with Trump

With her book due out October 2nd, the washed up porn star is knee deep in nonsense.

Daniels’ latest claim insinuates Trump and Hillary devised a plan against Obama. Of course, Daniels doesn’t say what the plan was.
Most of us will venture to guess there was no plan. However, Daniels defends her lack of details with a clever excuse: It was Shark Week.

It’s hard to imagine Trump and Hillary working together on a plan to defeat Obama. However, if there’s any truth to that, I’d speculate Trump knew Obama was a danger to our country. It’s plausible that Trump tried to help someone else beat Obama. And, when Hillary proved herself to be a loser, Trump stepped up to the plate.

However, I think the more likely answer to this claims is much simpler. It’s false. Once again, it appears Stormy is living in La-La Land.

To Believe or Not Believe

This entire Stormy Daniels debacle is a ridiculous attempt to undermine the President. What are we even discussing this for?

Let’s just consider the possibility that ten years before entering politics, Trump, as a reality TV star, spent some time in a hotel room with a porn star.

Does it really affect Trump’s ability to run the country? Clearly not.

And according to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, Trump didn’t violate the law. In fact, Dershowitz is quick to say leftists are grossly misinformed if they believe Daniels’ story is anything to impeach the President.

So, if Daniels can’t help the liberals dethrone Trump, why does she insist on throwing out these little tidbits of information? Well, it’s the oldest trick in the book. Daniels is simply baiting her hook.

The Payoff

For Daniels, this is simply a last ditch effort to keep her career alive. The average porn star is only 22 years old, and after about three years, they move on to more respectable careers. However, Daniels never found anything else she could excel at. She’s pushing 40 and looking for anything to keep those dollars rolling in.

In fact, Daniels admitted she’s tried to write a book for nearly 10 years. She never had a subject worthy of book sales until she turned her attention to Trump.

Further, Daniels made a point to say the President offered to help her cheat on The Apprentice. However, does she have any proof? Say, for instance, video of her winning The Apprentice?

Therefore, it appears the innuendo tying Trump, Daniels, and Clinton together is nothing more than a trick to create a best-seller. And for desperate leftists dying to destroy Trump, they’ll take the bait- hook, line and sinker.

Speaking of Best Sellers

It looks like Daniels has something in common with Hillary Clinton after all. It may not be the threesome Daniels imagined. However, the only way Daniels and Clinton can be top selling authors is to write about the President.

In fact, Hillary spent two years promoting her loser book tour. At times, she actually had to give the book away. And just when we think she’s done with “What Happened,” Hillary finds a way to extort the story one more time.

Apparently Clinton is so desperate to sell more books, she included her Amazon link for purchase.




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