Sunday Destroyed by Media, Football, and Leftism

Sunday mornings have changed dramatically in America over the years.

It used to be that a man could sit on the couch on Sunday morning after sleeping in late and catch up with all of the big news. Things he missed out on by staying focused on because he worked his job all week.

Sunday morning brought coffee and breakfast and a time to relax, perhaps catch up on what happened in the world during his absence. Usually before church.

What’s up with the President, the economy, maybe some geopolitical stuff about the Middle East, China, Europe or even crazy California? I particularly liked the good citizen features, like the one about the grandmother (who happened to be black) jumping out of her car to come to the aid of a police officer (who happened to be white) in his attempt to subdue a criminal. I get goose bumps on stories that bind us together as Americans. Where we came together regardless of race or accent or whatever.

In the old days, Sunday brought news of our great society, a standout among the societies of the world. Sunday news helped our young people understand what benevolence America bestowed on those that were in need around the globe. News that was often shocking and sometimes sad, but news that told the events that were unfolding in America from the perspective of an investigative, journalistic and for the most part, objective reporting.

Those days are gone, truly history.

Facts are another irrelevant subject matter now. Statistics and economic indicators? Pffff… these are all just minor obstacles to be manipulated and maneuvered to create a narrative the Progressive Euro Marxist regime operating the “Media” outlets. The media today steers Americans like cattle being led to slaughter.

Even sports has changed in the good ole Sunday Morning News cycle. Instead of just box scores and highlights, the media bombards us with black multi-millionaire professional football players who take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. We are told of their need to protest the injustice of America. And who better to showcase that injustice than those immune from it.

Now that’s’ news worthy stuff.

Consider how these poor black men are oppressed by their evil white NFL team owners, and the fact that they can’t all get the best contracts, and the Nike shoe deals.

America sucks! Oh, and the President Sucks!

And if you are a white male Christian (do I really need to say Conservative?) you really suck!

I grew up in the South. My friends and I were shipped 20 miles away to an all-black school. Somehow we all managed to play football together, as a team. Many of us later worked together, and even served our country in the armed forces together. It didn’t take too many years until the stress school integration was just a thing of the past.

We all loved America and didn’t resent that we were forced into each other’s neighborhoods. I never met a person in the KKK or heard of anyone being a member, and I’m talking DEEP south of Alabama.

On some Sunday mornings, old black men and old white men played dominoes together by the café. The unwritten rule was we kids were not allowed around. So we kids lived through this injustice and discrimination of these old men of all colors. Ageists!

Did we take a knee?

Heck no. But if you really had something to say about it and one of the old guys heard, you might take a butt-whooping!! Back then it didn’t even matter who your Momma was. Because if you were disrespectful to your elders, it was a butt-whooping offense and you damn sure wouldn’t want your Momma to find out. That could cost you TWO butt-whoopins.

Now we have the new Sunday morning. The age of text messages, Twitter and other social media, as well as viral videos and 24-hour news cycles and undeniable paper trails. And despite evidence of history from a variety of sources, the Left will completely change history before your vary eyes and DARE you to challenge it. Look at the videos of what Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, et al said on immigration then and now, and then compare it what President Trump says. You will see the duplicitous nature of the Left in all its glory.

History was once respected by an American press. However, now they use history to wedge a divide between America’s great citizens. It’s as if Progressives find joy in creating dissension, pitting one side against another; chaos.

Try as I may, to sit and relax and catch up on news Sunday morning, the outcome of the experience is always as predictable as a Wile E. Coyote cartoon trick; without the entertainment value. I believe it was the Left’s Hari Krishna, Vladimir Lenin who said, ”If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”.

To paraphrase Meet the Press: “Today, if it’s Sunday…it’s Meet the Left!”

Joe Merica
American Deplorable

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