Back Story: Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley jettisoned in approval when President Trump named her as UN Ambassador.

I used to do a weekly hit on a radio station in South Carolina, and the host told me that then Governor Haley “loves you”, referring to me of course.

Of course, I was flattered. I asked him to tell her that I too love her. Then a white kid shot up a black church. And things went bad.

Remember when Dylan Roof committed that vile act?

The man targeted a black church, goaded by the media to try to spark a race war. That’s what the media accomplished in the Era of Obama, as it encouraged America to divide down racial lines.

Instead of focusing on the act, the media decided that event was about the Confederate Flag. I wrote at the time,

The Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is an enigma, to say the least. First she allows Democrats to pass the racism torch to Republicans, as she symbolically removes the flag that a Democrat governor hung.

I said that what Haley should have done is gather all the media so all Americans could see, then say,

Since America sees the Confederate flag as a symbol of oppression and want it removed, I have gathered South Carolinians together to do so. We will remove this symbol today. And I’d like those who put hung this oppressive symbol over the Capital to be the ones who take it down…the Democrats.

Not only did Haley miss a moment to educate Americans about the history of Democrats, but she would have made the bigger point of who the real racists are.

Instead, as I wrote at the time, she transferred that “oppression” to the Republicans. We are now looked at as the people who put the flag up, and then were made to remove our vile history.

For the record, I see the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride. It offends me in no way. But I digress.

Back to Haley.

Haley has a good record as a Conservative. She’s great on tax reform, and limiting taxes on cigarettes, for example.

Haley has been strong on legal immigration, and stands fast against illegal immigration.

Haley has stated that, as a daughter of immigrants, she believes the immigration laws should be enforced. Thus, she voted in favor of a law that requires employers to be able to prove that newly hired employees are legal residents of the United States. That law also requires all immigrants to carry documentation at all times proving that they are legally in the United States.

Haley signed an “Arizona-style” law cracking down on illegal immigration in June 2011. That law was challenged by Obama’s United States Justice Department on numerous grounds, such as claims the immigration law violates the Supremacy Clause.

Then-Haley Spokesman Rob Godfrey said,

“If the feds were doing their job, we wouldn’t have had to address illegal immigration reform at the state level. But, until they do, we’re going to keep fighting in South Carolina to be able to enforce our laws.”

On education, Haley implemented a plan in which teachers’ salaries would be based on not only seniority and qualifications but also job performance. Teachers would receive evaluations and reports from principals, students, and parents.

She’s pro-life, and I could go on with her Conservative credentials. But does she have the political savvy of Trump?

Hopefully Haley has learned much under the tutelage of President Trump. If her career is to take the next step, she can’t have another Confederate flag fiasco.



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