Beto O’Rourke Just SUCKERED Democrats Out of $38 Million

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is a scam artist. In fact, he’s from a family of scoundrels.

His father used his high position to get a potential drug charge vaporized.

Here is a link to The Times newspaper from Shreveport, Louisiana, dated October 20th, 1983 concerning the incident.

A second article, from The Baytown Sun in December of 1983 references Captain Willie Hill’s testimony about the destruction of the evidence.

Finally, the NYT also referenced the case in a small blurb about political infighting in El Paso in 1984 during an election year.

The outcome didn’t impact Patrick O’Rourke to much degree. Nevertheless, he did not run for re-election in 1987, preferring to retire. He died in 2001, when hit by a truck while biking.

Something tells me that O’Rourke’s death was no accident.

But let’s move from Papa O’Rourke to Mama O’Rourke.

Beto’s mother played loose with the rules as well, as the Houston Chronicle reported:

Along the way his mother, who was his partner in several business ventures, ran a family furniture store that was targeted by the IRS in a $630,000 tax fraud case in 2010.


The store came under IRS scrutiny in 2010 for making a series of cash deposits of just under $10,000, allegedly designed to avoid financial reporting requirements. According to prosecutors, the transactions totaled more than $1 million, about $630,000 of it from a “particular customer” who has never been publicly identified.

And what of Young “Beto”?

You don’t have to look too hard to learn that Beto was a miscreant of the highest order.

According to court documents obtained in 2012 by a congressional opponent, and then relayed though a campaign ad aired in El Paso, O’Rourke had been arrested in 1995 for breaking and entering, as well as attempted burglary, in which he defended in a Washington Post interview stating it was a “prank gone awry.”

O’Rourke was arrested again in 1998 for driving under the influence, in which he did not defend, and called the incident “stupid” and regretted his decision.

No wonder the Democrats love the man. He has the full Progressive pedigree.

Now Beto runs his biggest scam.

He played a Latino, running against a REAL Latino in Texas. If that wasn’t enough, Beto ran as a Democrat!

O’Rourke knew he had no chance to beat Cruz, and that was the allure. The impossible dream; the underdog story is what he needed to convince other Leftists that they needed to knock off a real Republican sacred cow.

And the media was all too happy to play along.

The white guy who speaks Spanish. Hell, he even has a Spanish nickname, and could topple the Republicans REAL Latino. What a story!

So Beto raised a fortune. $38 million in the bank, because at one point the media reported that Beto was closing in on Ted Cruz. Then the bottom fell out. People started looking into the O’Rourkes. They saw the scam. Now the Democrats want to know what Beto will do when loses.

Yes, that race is over without a vote being cast. But Democrats want Beto to help other candidates with his lotto winnings. Now Beto has found his inner rich white Republican.

As The Hill reported,

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) said Monday that he won’t share the $38 million his campaign raised in the third quarter of the year with other Senate Democratic candidates.

“No,” O’Rourke told a reporter who asked if he would share the funds with candidates in tighter races, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I’m focused on Texas. Most of our contributions have come from Texas. All of them have come from people. Not a dime from PACs,” he said, according to the report.

O’Rourke added that he is honoring “the commitment that those who’ve contributed to this campaign have made to me.”

“If they want to contribute to someone else, they should do so. If they want to contribute to a campaign that’s going to win this historic victory for Texas and the country, then I’m grateful for the contribution and I’m going to make the most of it, so that’s what we’re focused on,” he said.

“Honoring” those who’ve contributed?

The no-doubt senate loser should honor the donors by giving to campaigns with a shot.

While Beto tries to appear magnanimous, understand this money will go to a “charity” of his forming. Then Beto will live like post-2016 Bernie Sanders!

New houses, sports cars, and much more. Then Beto will hit the speaking circuit, to explain how the little man can fight hard. Even if he doesn’t win, he’s still a winner. And boy did Beto prove that.

$38 million is big pimping. That NFL starter money, given that he raised that in only ONE year. Moreover, Hollyweirdos like Robert de Niro want Beto to run for president.

Democrats indeed love their scoundrels. And you know Beto knew it.




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