Brooklyn Witches Hex Kavanaugh

Witches exited a Brooklyn building Friday night, hiding their faces. Meanwhile, screams of “Jesus Christ is King” berated the self-proclaimed demon-callers.

Two days ago a group of witches announced plans to put a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

If you’re anything like me, you thought this was some kind of Halloween joke gone wrong. Unfortunately, the plan was real.

In fact, Breitbart went live to showcase the idiocy.

As ABC explains:

The hex is in response to Kavanaugh’s controversial confirmation in the wake of allegations from California professor Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her decades ago when they were in high school in suburban Maryland. Kavanaugh denied the claim and subsequent allegations which arose in the weeks leading up to his confirmation.

According to its Facebook page, the event is not only aimed Kavanaugh but also at people who the bookstore owners say have committed sexual assault or perpetuate patriarchy.

“Basically, it’s all about causing suffering,” Dakota Bracciale, co-owner of the bookstore told Newsweek in a recent interview. “And we intend to make Kavanaugh suffer.”

Once again, the left is applauded when they commit vile acts.

In fact, the event sold out. The intentions to do harm were clearly stated. Yet, liberals weren’t deterred. Instead they jumped at the chance to get revenge on Kavanaugh.

As CBN News reports:

There’s a sold-out event being held in Brooklyn, NY Saturday that’s part of an occultic effort to cast spells to hex the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to thwart him and cause him pain.

Their witchcraft will include the use of effigies, coffin nails, and graveyard dirt in an effort “to make Kavanaugh suffer” organizer Dakota Bracciale told Newsweek.

She says those participating will be “basically Antifa witches… filled with rage that are going to take back our country.”

Clearly, these witches believe a blue wave is coming. What they don’t realize is the Obama Administration was effective in one area- mobilizing the conservative base.

Conservatives Fight Back

In fact, conservatives formed a plan to strike back just as fast as the witches formulated their hex.

As ABC continues:

A group of Catholics and exorcists has responded to the bookstore’s hex plans with plans of their own to “pray and fast, not just for the protection of Kavanaugh, but for those who wish him harm.”

According to the National Catholic Register, a manager at a Catholic apostolate was “inspired” to pray and fast the Rosary for three days straight to “grant spiritual protection” for Kavanaugh and that God have “mercy” on those involved in hexing him and others.

Father Gary Thomas, the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California, is offering a mass for Kavanaugh on Thursday and Saturday. The Supreme Court Justice is Catholic.

“Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech,” Thomas told the National Catholic Register blog.

Obviously, these obnoxious leftists know they’ve crossed a line. Otherwise, they wouldn’t hold their heads down in shame. In fact, Antifa repeatedly displays cowardice as they show up in masked clothing, hiding their identities while wreaking havok. It’s the only way they can avoid the consequences of their actions.

I wonder what these delusional liberals would think if conservatives decided to revisit the Salem Witch Trials.

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