BUSTED: Average White American Has DOUBLE THE AMOUNT of Native American DNA as Elizabeth Warren

After repeatedly being taunted by President Trump, Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohantas” Warren took a DNA test to vindicate her longtime claim of being Native American.

The test reveal that, at best, Warren has 1/64th Native American ancestry. However, her Native American lineage could also be as low as 1/1,024.

Therefore, the radical leftist senator can claim she is approximately 0.1 percent to 1.56 percent Native American. Undoubtedly, she hails 100% Marxist loon.

The minimum requirement to claim membership in most Native American tribes ranges from 1/8 (12.5 percent) to half (50 percent).

According to the New York Times, the average white person in America has nearly double the amount of American Indian DNA (0.18%) as Elizabeth Warren (0.098%), who claims to be Cherokee.

But just look at those cheek bones!

The Boston Globe first reported the results of Warren’s DNA test and analysis. What else could the Leftist rag do for its “cultural-appropriationist” senator, given the publication defended Warren’s Cherokee claims for years.

More from Breitbart:

The article’s author, Annie Linsky, similarly provided cover for Warren’s past in September with a story declaring: “her claim to Native American ethnicity was never considered by the Harvard Law faculty… At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman.”

However, Linsky admits, Warren changed her ethnicity from “white” to “Native American” both at University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she taught from 1987 to 1995, and at Harvard Law School, where she had tenure starting in 1995.

Assuming this DNA test is accurate, Warren can still make no claim to membership in a Cherokee tribe. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has a minimum threshold of 1/16 “blood quantum,” and the United Keetowah Band’s threshold is 1/4 blood quantum. The Cherokee Nation does not have any minimum threshold for ancestry, but for membership, it does require that an individual “provide documents that connect you to a direct ancestor listed on one of the Dawes Final Rolls of Citizens of the Cherokee Nation.” The Dawes Rolls do not include any of Warren’s ancestors

According to the DNA test, the “vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry is European. In other words, Warren still ain’t no Injun!

Nonetheless, Fauxahontas continues to Fauxahontas, shamelessly declaring victory over those who claimed she is exaggerating about her heritage.

You got to love how Democrats’ tenacity. They brazenly lie and  believe they sold us.

Warren was previously busted for lying in 2014 about her parents being forced to elope due to her mother’s Native American heritage. She also claimed her great, great grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith was Native American, while Smith reportedly identified as white in historical documents.

Actually, Warren more resembles Pinoccohontas than Pocahontas.

Warren’s 0.09765625% chance of being a Cherokee, is an infinitely greater chance of her ever becoming president of the US.


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