Caravan Ingrates Leave Mexico TRASHED

No wonder Democrats love the migrant hoard marching towards America.

Democrats insist that these invaders are all good people. Before I get to who some of them are, let’s look at what they all are.

As this video proves, these ingrates would make fantastic Democrats, if allowed into America. Reminiscent of the trash left during Obama’s administration, look at how these buttmunches treated Mexico.

And let’s just admit it; Mexico is no paradise. But even the Mexicans complained, as this video shows.

Mexican woman laments trash covered streets after migrant caravan passes through.

“The migrants left and left us the garbage. What a waste of food, when they said they don’t even have enough to eat.”

Mexicans rolled out the “rojo” carpet for these invaders. The Mexicans were told that the migrants were hungry and poor, and that they would be grateful for food, water, and shelter.

Instead, the migrant invaders treated Mexico like American Democrats treat the U.S. They couldn’t care less about Mexican hospitality. In fact, as the video showed, they didn’t even bother to pick up their trash. Even more pathetic, they wasted food.

I guess when Soros and team will provide gourmet meals along the way, just accept the Mexicans’ food for photo ops.

Democrats usher in these people by the thousands, and have done so for decades. Democrats claim that white America is afraid of the “browining” of America. But what all Americans detest is the TRASHING of America.

These people leave their countries in turmoil, then come to America to become Democrats–the worst America has to offer. They bring their attitudes and customs, which lead to nothing but blight and squalor.

I dare any Democrat to compare a legal immigrant to America to an illegal.

It’s clear which citizens as a group assimilate best, and ultimately offer more to the country. Isn’t that what immigration is about. The concept of cultures bringing their best attributes. Thus, the sharing that should occur.

Instead, these invaders bring anything but good. Sure, they want what America offers all. Opportunity. But not all of them.

As Donald Trump said, and as has been confirmed, many of these invaders are bad hombres. Their countries don’t want them and neither should we.

Democrats watch as this scheme backfires. The invaders won’t make it to America in time for the midterms. And when they do get here, the Democrats will be knee-deep in the Russian collusion controversy, as the sh*t hits their fans.

Expect many Democrats to fall after the midterms, as America takes out its trash. And thankfully, we won’t let much more in.



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