BREAKING: Christine Blasey Ford Helped Friend Prep for Polygraph

Democrats sense their doom, as it relates to the liars they found to discredit Brett Kavanaugh.

And while many Conservatives may feel that scoundrels continue to win these days, I contend that the good guys win in the end.

As Fox News reported, there are new developments in the story of Christine Blasey Ford, and on multiple fronts:

In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.

The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted in the declaration, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor mentioned she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998. He said he saw Ford going to great lengths to help a woman he believed was her “life-long best friend” prepare for a potential polygraph test. He added that the woman, Monica McLean, had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office.

Understand, this is only one of the new developments that could be Ford’s undoing.

Let’s see if the FBI extends its investigation into that likely lie.

But it gets worse for Ford, as the former boyfriend has evidence that directly refutes all the nonsense around flying and claustrophobia.

He further claimed that Ford never voiced any fear of flying (even while aboard a propeller plane) and seemingly had no problem living in a “very small,” 500 sq. ft. apartment with one door — apparently contradicting her claims that she could not testify promptly in D.C. because she felt uncomfortable traveling on planes, as well as her suggestion that her memories of Kavanuagh’s alleged assault prompted her to feel unsafe living in a closed space or one without a second front door.

Ford “never expressed a fear of closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit,” the former boyfriend wrote.

Sadly, Democrats knew Ford to be a liar. Despite that knowledge, they used her in their seek and destroy mission against Kavanaugh.

All of this man’s testimony refutes Ford’s sexual abuse victimology. If she suffered from none of the things she claims, then where does that leave her fiction against Kavanaugh.

In the old days, Kavanaugh would already be on the dung heap of history. Distraught, he’d, likely be plotting how to help his family survive financially after his suicide. Thankfully however, because of Trump we live in a slightly different world.

What’s scary however, is how dangerously close the Democrats, the #MeToo movement, and the media came to yet another coup in America. The coup of American sensibilities to be able to detect an obvious fraud.

Worse yet, Democrats offered other women as “proof” of Kavanaugh’s wickedness. Thankfully, they too seem to have been dismantled as drunks, liars, and frauds. But the Democrats haven’t stopped there.

Seeing their sinister plan unravel, they now claim that they exposed Kavanaugh’s temperament.

A man falsely accused of rape. Then gang rape. And the latest ploy to turn Kavanaugh into an alcoholic lush. No wonder the man copped an attitude when being questioned by liars, cheats, and scoundrels.

I contend that the more we learn about Ford, the worse things get for Democrats and other Leftists. Soon, they will never be believed, and they will get to live up to their new mantra: guilty until proven innocent.



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