Christine Ford and the Bong

This game with Christine Ford and Brett Kavanuagh is a lot like buying a bong.

I’m sure that at least some of our readers made bad choices in their younger days. If you didn’t, you know someone who did.

Perhaps, like me, you visited Jim’s basement when his parents were at work. There you learned you could destroy even more brain cells by holding your smoke a little longer.

So you visit the local specialty shop. Somewhere in the back behind the sinsemilla t-shirts and the Bob Marley posters sits a line of water pipes (bongs). For the uninitiated, bongs look like tubes with little bowls on the front.

You have a conversation with the shop owner that goes something like this.

You: I’d like to buy a water pipe for my uh, tobacco.
Owner: Ok, are you 18? Because you have to be 18 to buy tobacco for your tobacco water pipe.
You: Yes I am, and when I buy my tobacco for this tobacco pipe, I will present my ID.
Owner: So which pipe for your tobacco do you want?
You: The tie-dye one with the Grateful Dead stickers on it.

This weird little dance is based on the fact that no one can actually say why they want it.

The truth is simple; they want it for pot. Next, the Store owner knows they’re going to use the bong for pot, not tobacco. Also, the buyer knows the store owner is aware this bong is for pot.

What everybody knows is if either person is truthful, the deal is off. Nobody wants to do the perp walk of stupidity, getting snagged in an undercover sting, when changing a few words avoids this embarrassment.

So what’s this got to do with The Brett Kavanaugh hearings? Well, it’s the perfect metaphor for what’s happening therein.

False allegations by Christine Ford gathered sympathy for the “victim”. Now, that sympathy has delayed or perhaps derailed Kavanaugh’s appointment to the SCOTUS. Every Republican in the room knows it. And so does every Democrat, who by the way know that the Republicans know.

In our final parallel, with few exception, no one says anything, because they realize the crapstorm that will ensue.

It’s really maddening to watch this because it’s wasting taxpayer money, destroying a good man’s name. Further, this ruse keep that seat vacant for just a bit longer. Yet we play the “bong” game.


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