Chuck Todd: Trump Has the Democrats’ Number

I contend that Democrats discuss their fears privately, and see the writing on the wall.

NBC’s Chuck Todd may have let the cat out of the bag in discussing the plight of the Democrats.

As Newsmax reported of comments made by Todd:

But with the likelihood that Trump will keep up a running commentary on the Democrats’ nomination process — he’s already assigned a derisive nickname to one potential challenger — journalists will have to consider how much attention should be paid to it, said Todd, moderator of the 71-year-old Sunday public affairs show.

“As a sitting president, he’s going to disrupt things in a way we’re not used to seeing a sitting president do,” he said.

Put more simply: Trump is a force of Nature like the Democrats have never seen.

No wonder they describe him in such superfluous terms. Armageddon, and so on.

Donald Trump the candidate was one thing to contend with, but President Trump offers a whole new level.

As I predicted, Trump now realizes the power he possesses. Now, he will focus that power to the best possible outcome for the American people.

Todd wants to see if Trump’s allure continues its staying power. He further suggests that Trump will be tested in certain mid-term races:

More immediately, Todd said he’s curious to find out the extent to which political changes ushered in by Trump will affect contests throughout the country during the midterm elections.

Before Trump, conventional wisdom held that candidates needed to move to the center to appeal to as many people as possible in order to win general elections. Trump has instead concentrated on keeping a base of supporters happy, he said.

“Painting in bright colors creates the enthusiasm,” he said.

He will be closely watching the race for Florida governor between Trump supporter Ron DeSantis and liberal Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, for example. If Gillum can stay on the left and win “the swingiest swing state in the country,” that could be a sign that the idea of moderating views to win might not always be the best strategy, he said.

Todd knows the answer. Because he knows the Republicans clock Democrats in the mid-terms.

Republicans will gain seats in the Senate, defeating most of the embattled Democrats, and likely gaining an unexpected seat. In the House, Republicans will at the very least hold.

Todd mentioned the Florida governor’s race, so let me save you the suspense. DeSantis defeats Gillum.

While Trump strategically rallies the base, Democrats lick their wounds privately. I discussed the re-emergence of Obama in early September. And I predicted that Obama would fade away as quickly as he came. That has happened.

The Democrats dare not plan a big rally with Obama, to compete with Trump. One must know that they would love to stage such a rally to show up Trump. But the truth is, they can’t. Because nobody cares about Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, or whomever.

What Democrat candidates want any Democrat presidential hopeful or otherwise? Put another way, who is requesting Kamala Harris join them at the national level? Corey Booker? Elizabeth Warren?

Democrats have pretended to have tight races in Texas with Beto O’Rourke. Truthfully, they know “Beto” has no shot of winning. He’s only helping Ted Cruz fundraise like a gangsta.

If that race is so important, why not send Obama in for support?

Chuck Todd spilled the beans.

Trump has almost single-handedly squeezed the life out of Democrats. Their hatred of Trump exposed the Democrats to their left-of-center base, as well as most moderates. And those people left the party in droves.

Democrats would do well to learn from President Trump and spend less time fighting (and losing to) him.


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