Surprise Contenders for Who Wants Credit for Kavanaugh Confirmation

Despite the Kavanaugh witch hunt, he will be approved as the next SCOTUS.

The Left did all they could the throw a wrench in the proceedings. First, they sent a shot over the bough for the next justice Trump will appoint. Second, they believe they earned points by trying to sully the reputation of a good man. 

They certainly win on point one, as many potential candidates will think twice about the process. However, on point two they miscalculated. I think they know this. Thus, Democrats have one final backup plan.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Former President George W. Bush has stepped to the plate in support of his guy, Brett Kavanaugh, whom he nominated to serve on the D.C. Circuit court during his term.

According to The Washington Post, the former president has been calling key swing vote senators to whip up support for Kavanaugh, who has been accused by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of sexually assaulting her at a pool party over 35 years ago. Kavanaugh has denied the allegations and said under oath Thursday that his treatment has been a “national disgrace.”

The Washington Post did not say if the former president had made the calls following Kavanaugh’s powerful testimony on Thursday, though Politico reports that sources close to Bush say he still supports his nomination.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have all received calls from Bush, who unarguably has more pull with them than President Trump.

But can Bush take credit?

I don’t think so. And apparently many Democrats agree.

Taking a page from Trump’s past, Democrats fingered (pun intended) another culprit. Many Democrats blame creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti took a very different approach to helping confirm Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS. Avenatti did what Avenatti does, and that’s find the nastiest women he can to represent.

As if you could get any lower in clientele than porn actress Stormy Daniels, Avenatti managed to find more dregs when he scraped the bottom of the barrel.

As all of America observed, Julie Swetnick crushed the hopes and dreams of the lying Leftists. Her completely unbelievable stories of woe led people to question the veracity of the first two liars.

Interestingly, Democrats admit this. In the interviews on this subject, Democrats imply, “If only Avenatti had kept his client out of the picture, people would have believed the lies of Ford!”

Here’s Tucker Carlson referencing Senator Susan Collins’ discussion of the creepy porn lawyer and his client, Julie Swetnick:

It’s clear based on Collins’ comments that she factored Swetnick into the equation.

On America’s News Room, Guy Benson discusses the changes in Swetnick’s sworn affidavit.

Even Chris Cuomo admits,

“Look, I don’t find her credible…”

Even fake news CNN knows a red herring when it sees one. For Cuomo to admit that he doesn’t believe Avenatti or his client shows just how bad things got.

Ultimately, because of Avenatti and his scumbag client, people took a harder look at the other two bimbos the Left used to try to bring down Kavanaugh.

So if there is a hero in all of this, it’s creepy porn lawyer Avenatti. He managed to find a woman with such an unbelievable story that even Democrats were offended.


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