Democrats HATE When We Make them Remember

It’s funny to watch Leftists eat their crow. And did they have a heapin’ helpin’ as Christine Blasey Ford lied repeatedly.

With scant evidence of the event she described even happening and much less proof that Kavanaugh was involved, Democrats cry that Kavanaugh didn’t deserve the presumption of innocence. Further, they have bestowed sainthood on his accuser, the drunk promiscuous party girl with the sketchy memory.

Here’s more irony. Many Democrats asked for an FBI investigation into this matter. Given that Democrats scrubbed her social media accounts, let’s say they knew what the FBI would find.

And they did.

We got no real understanding of Ford’s past during the congressional hearing, as Republicans had a woman ask questions, and she tiptoed around the Blasey part of Ford’s past. No sense providing perspective about Blasey’s own history during that time, particularly as it is related to her sexual partners or proclivities. Think anybody might describe Blasey as “easy” or “loose”, the lexicon when I was growing up?

What possible bearing could that have on the subject, when we are only supposed to believe the woman.┬áBut there was a time when Democrats believed the man–no matter what.

Only a scant two decades ago, a man sought a hire office. Bill Clinton didn’t want to be a Justice on the SCOTUS, but as leader of the free world.

Clinton’s history was fraught with problems. There is NO DOUBT the man had a litany of sexual escapades and sexual abuse accusers longer than a giraffe’s neck. Many women with legitimate claims against the presidential candidate and even more after he took office.

If I recall correctly, Bill Clinton even had to pay out almost a million dollars to Paula Jones, once her story was verified. Jennifer Flowers had recordings of Clinton plotting with her to keep a lid on things. Who honestly knows (no, even Bill Clinton doesn’t) the number of women Bill Clinton bedded while married to Hillary, and worse yet raped or otherwise abuse.

In the case of Flowers, Clinton wowed Democrats going 60 Minutes, and explaining:

“I have acknowledged causing pain in my marriage,” he told CBS reporter Steve Kroft. Both he and Hillary denied that he had an affair with Flowers. The interview received immense coverage. Democrats were surprised and impressed by how he was able to keep his composure throughout this crisis.

Upon seeing the interview, Flowers was livid. “I saw a side of Bill that I have never seen before,” she said, “He is absolutely lying.”

As with Clinton, Leftists see what they want to see in the Ford testimony, not seeing obvious lies.

When it was discovered that Clinton was as crass as to get a blowjob in the Oval Office from an intern, Leftist women yelled, “It’s his private life!”.

Leading up to the Lewinsky affair, Clinton accosted Kathleen Willy when she visited him in an extreme time of need. This woman thought Bill Clinton was a true friend, and he felt her up and propositioned her for sex.

All these bona fide cases of indiscretion at best and downright criminal activity at worst, and Brett Kavanaugh experienced a witch hunt. Do I really need to actually write the words, “double-standard!”?

Don’t you wish you had a machine that could make Democrats deal with their duplicitous nature? You could switch players at your whim to see the Democrats’ reactions. What a fun exercise it would be watching these Leftist clowns bring Bill Clinton to today’s standards for Republicans? Oor we simply switch the president offering Brett Kavanaugh as SCOTUS from Trump to Obama.

Such a game would be no fun for Conservatives. We despised Clinton’s activities as a Democrat, and we would have been equally appalled had he been a Republican.

Does anybody think George Bush, one of the most hated Republican presidents by the Left could have his current standing with us, had he “gizzed” on the dress of a chubby intern?

While I have little respect for Bush as president and even less in his recent anti-Trump shenanigans, I assure you that he would be even lower in my view of him had he pulled a “Slick Willie” in the White House, and worse yet lied about it.

Unlike Cosby, Bill Clinton will serve no time for his crimes. Nor will Bill Clinton face anywhere near the scrutiny of Kavanaugh for his sins. The Left demanded no FBI investigations into rape allegations by Juanita Broderick, because Bill Clinton was their “god”. To some small degree, Clinton remains an untouchable.

And now the two have planned a tour?┬áSomething tells me this tour won’t go as well as the Democrats expect.

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