Democrats Senate Hopes Dashed in ONE REALLY BAD WEEK

The Democrats knew the Senate was a longshot. But now it’s a mathematical impossibility.

There are supposedly 6 seats up for grabs, as Republicans appear solid in 50, and the Democrats in 44. I suggest that everybody rethink the political landscape for a few reasons.

In general, Inside the Beltway politicos rely on historical data. That’s why they predicted a flip in Congress. Democrats believe they will gain the necessary 23 seats to take over the House, though most are less hopeful about the Senate.

If the Democrats didn’t cheat, they wouldn’t win any seats anywhere in the country. But Democrats are scoundrels, thus they cheat. Expect cheating and lots of it. But that won’t be enough.

There are too many factors interrupting their game. First and foremost, The Trump Effect.

Trump has performed miraculously, particularly under the barrage of Leftist attacks. Those attacks actually helped Trump and the Republicans, thus bringing The Kavanaugh Effect in one case.

And on the heels of The Kavanaugh Effect came The Kanye Effect. In  their own ways, each of these provided a catalyst in the next election cycle.

The Trump Effect brought over #NeverTrumpers and RINOs. The Kavanaugh Effect brought young Millennial men and other men in general. Finally, The Kanye Effect brought blacks in general, but specifically black men.

The biggest impact to the midterms are the Democrats.

They have no message, and are looked at as #Resistors. Their desire for power has caused to lose touch with their bases. The fallout has impacted the Senate race most dramatically.

As James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showcased, Senator Claire McCaskill will say or do anything for power.

O’Keefe may have ended McCaskill’s career as a Senator with his undercover videos. AP reports,

Project Veritas, a conservative group that produces “sting” videos intended to embarrass liberal organizations and media outfits, took the videos. An Associated Press request for comment from the organization was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Videos show an unnamed man pressing McCaskill and staffers about the candidate’s position on bump stock bans, Planned Parenthood campaign donations, impeaching President Donald Trump, a wall on the southern border and other issues. The issues are particularly relevant in a state that’s trended Republican in recent elections. Trump won Missouri by nearly 19 percentage points in 2016.

“The truth about her partisanship and party-line liberalism is revealed more every day,” Hawley said in a statement.

McCaskill is in full-blown damage control.

When Hawley wins, he will owe Project Veritas a big kiss on the proverbial lips.

Project Veritas struck in Tennessee, as well.

According to Breitbart:

Campaign staffers for Tennessee Democrat Senate nominee Phil Bredesen say he lied on Friday when he released a statement saying he would have voted “yes” to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, according to a new undercover video released by Project Veritas Action on Wednesday night.

Bredesen campaign field organizer Maria Amalla was captured on video by a female journalist sent undercover into one of the Bredesen campaign’s Nashville offices describing Bredesen’s statement on Friday as “a political move” that was necessary because “he’s trying to make up points.”

Like McCaskill, Bredesen finds himself running from the story. And another similarity is Bredesen wants to “get to the bottom” of this, to see if a crime was committed.

While I certainly credit O’Keefe’s crew, you have to admit that Democrats are torpedoing themselves.

In our final example, watch Krysten Sinema torpedo herself.

In the first video she calls Arizonan’s “crazy”. And she’s certainly not the Chamber of Commerce for the state she wants to represent.

In the second video, Sinema calls Arizona the “meth lab of democracy”.

These are Democrat senate candidates in their own words. Imagine what we would learn if Project Veritas implanted into each Democratic campaign?

To cap off a bad week for Democrat senate candidates, look at what Heidi Heitkamp did.

Here’s our take:

Democrats just can’t keep some secrets. And this particular “leak” could cost this anti-Trump senator big time.

Keep in mind that Democrats outed Blasey Ford in order to crush Brett Kavanaugh. So the Democrats’ track record of protecting women falls flat in my opinion.

Now it’s rinse and repeat, only this time the Democrats hurt real victims of sexual abuse.

According to The Daily Wire:

After North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign publicly named some women as victims of domestic violence without the women’s consent or knowledge, some of the women have announced they are getting ready to sue the campaign.

I hope they do sue. And let’s see how the #MeToo movement responds.

Finally, we can’t over look Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren. Talk about screwing the pooch, and getting caught on video.

We wrote of Warren outing herself:

Holy Mother of the Mohicans, using this “result”, everydamnbody is Indian!

Warren is European…period! Thus, she used the fake Indian genealogy to get ahead. It’s really that simple, and Warren should just admit it.

Warren is to stolen heritage as Blumenthal is to stolen valor. Because Leftists are thieves. They steal to get ahead; then they steal to keep those they claim to help from getting ahead.

Warren now attempts to cover up her lies. She is no more Indian than the Prime Minister of China. And Warren hates that her lies have caught up to her. Nevertheless, they’ve cost her nothing. She will never be president. Further, Warren has risen as far in life as she will. So I hope she get enjoyment from being a plain old European-American senator.

Things don’t bode well for Democrat senate candidate or Democrats in general. Because Americans learn daily all about that party.

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