Disrespectful Democrat RUNS When Woman’s BIG Son Shows Up [VIDEO]

Leftists are cowards. They appear to be tough in limited circumstances.

Take the guy in this video for instance. He’s with a mob of other Leftists. Because Leftists rarely act alone.

Exceptions are when they believe they have the drop on somebody. Or when they are armed and know you are not. Outside of that, Leftist attacks are super rare. They won’t even engage in debate without those parameters being met.

Leftists also choose what they believe to be a weak target. Usually Leftists bother women and children. Again, the exceptions where Leftists will attack men is when the Leftists believe they have overwhelming numbers. On those rare occasions, they will accost a man.

In this video, you see what I’m saying. This punk Leftist decides to berate a woman wearing an NYPD hat. Note that no Leftists around him pull the “gender card”, chastising him for his misogyny.

*** Language warning ***


Pansy: Why you trying to block me, I’m f*ckin’ trying to walk here

Woman: Because I obey traffic signals.

Pansy: You’re a snarky little f*ckin’ idiot. Shut the fuck up!

Woman {warns}: Try something, B*tch.

Pansy: I’m not. I’m not gonna fight you;  and I’m not like your husband; I’m not gonna punch you.

Woman : I’m not married

Pansy: I’m not like your boyfriend, or your cop boyfriend who’s gonna f*ckin’ knock you out, so don’t worry. {like she had reason to?}

Woman: My husband died in 911.

Pansy: Good for him! Good! Good!

Pansy: NYPD a bunch were a bunch of f*ckin’ sodomized…f*ckin’ sodomizing immigrants with their f*ckin’ bully sticks. So yeah, your f*ckin’, your husband should probably rot in the grave.

Her only “crime” is wearing a hat that read “NYPD”.

From the video, she appears to have lost her husband during the attack on 9-11.

As you watch the video, consider all the rules broken by this Leftist and those around him. He berates this woman, cursing her out. Meanwhile, all the tolerant Leftists around him do nothing. It’s the woman who warns him, “Do something, Bitch!”.

He knew not to do anything, nor could he. She would have beaten the crap out of him.

The man denigrates the people who died in 911 trying to save the lives of that tragedy. This includes the first-responders and particularly NYPD. Again, nobody around him said anything.

Apparently word got back to the woman’s son about the encounter, and he responded.



Funny how things change for Leftists, when a real man shows up.

I say this to Conservative men, we are in the battle of our lives. A cop didn’t show up to help his mother. Nobody around helped her. But that man confronted the pansy who talked that way to his mother.

As men in America, we can’t wait on the authorities to save us and those we love. If the Kavanaugh hearings taught us anything, it’s that we are under attack.

Be prepared to defend yourselves and those you love.

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