Donald Trump and the Hip-Hop Hypocrites

The list of entertainment hypocrites is endless. From coast to coast– from Hollyweird to 8 Mile–entertainers feign serious amnesia about their friendships with Donald Trump.

When celebrities weren’t showering the Trump’s with lavish gifts, they were lined up to attend the most prestigious and glamorous parties at Trump Tower.

Take comedian Ellen DeGeneres for example. In 2006 Ellen DeGeneres bought Melania a gold stroller for Barron.

The stroller was such a special gift it even appeared in a Trump family photo-shoot for People magazine.

Further, the stroller was but one gift that came from many celebrities, all who happily awaited the welcome into the world of Barron by his beauty queen mother Melania.

Shortly after Donald Trump entered the White House, Ellen denied her relationship with Trump. She claimed she “hardly knows him.”

Maybe celebrities like Ellen send golden custom strollers to people they barely know. Or maybe Ellen proved that she’s the typical Hollyweird “friend”.

While Ellen makes easy fodder for celebrity amnesiacs, another group stands out. The world of hip hop.

Care to guess how many music videos feature The Donald?

The Celebrity Apprentice icon has appeared in over 300 videos. Take a look at this video collage of Trump in rap. 


Most rappers for decades have either aspired to be like Trump or have given him major props for his “swagger” in addition to what Trump has accomplished in life.

“He was an American icon that stood for success and wealth, and that was something that was valued, particularly among a community of folks that were coming from lower class backgrounds and people who were locked out of the mainstream American economy,” Bakari Kitwana, the Executive Director of Rap Sessions, told ABC News.

Dating back to the 1980’s to 2015 Trump received praise from virtually every corner of the hip-hop world.

These rappers included Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar to P. Diddy, 50 Cent, Jeezy, and Lil Wayne.

And here are some lyrical examples:

In his 2011 song, “Trump,” Atlanta rapper Jeezy hails his own success and labels himself the Trump of the hood: “Richest n**** in my hood, call me Donald Trump, the type of n**** to count my money while I smoke a blunt.”

In “Up Like Trump,” — the 2014 hit by hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee raps, “Forbes list, Forbes list, Forbes list, Forbes, read it like the Bible/Up like Donald Trump, chain swings like nunchucks.”

And in the late rapper Mac Miller’s 2014 hit, “Donald Trump,” the Pittsburgh rapper boasts about his Trump-like persona: “Ay yo, the flyest m*****f***** in the room. Yeah, you know it’s me.”

In “Black Trump,” a 2003 song featuring Raekwon, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper boasts about his money and status: “You gotta make power moves, black gunz and cash rule,” and ends the song with “Guess who’s the black Trump.”

In Kanye West’s 2010 single, “So Appalled,” West compares his baller status to Trump’s: “I’m so appalled, Spalding ball, balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y’all.”

Gucci Mane compares his wins to Trump in the 2015 song “Straight Drop“: “Break down all my bales in Ferragamo/ Hugo Boss, jumper cause I just Donald Trump you.”

So much money in my house I’m having cold sweats/ Throwing bands in the club they sending death threats/ Donald Trump bank account, you can call it that,” Waka Flocka Flame raps in the remix of French Montana’s “Everything’s A Go.”

In his 2012 song “I Need Dollas,” T.I. reflects on his success and describes the new level he’s on by invoking Trump: “Used to want dough like JC (penny) but now I’m thinking Donald Trump.”

One of the biggest songs made about Donald Trump is rapper Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump.”

The video received over 155 millions views on YouTube and even received several tweet’s about the song from Trump himself:

And now despite Miller dedicating an entire song to Trump, he says he doesn’t support the president.

In addition to being mentioned in numerous rap versus, Trump’s biggest accomplishments are mentioned. Take the famous “Trump Tower” hotel for example.

Ever since the ’80s, Trump Tower in New York City and Trump’s casinos were powerful symbols of the Trump Empire. These Trump empire icons were touted by many rappers.

In DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s 1989 song “Numero Uno,” Will Smith raps, “Cause you’re gambling just like craps at Trump.” And in the duo’s 1989 song, “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson,” Smith raps, “Me and Mike, two months, Trump, Atlantic City.”

In the 2011 song, “New York Minute (remix),” Nicki Minaj raps: “I was in the Trump Towers looking for some shower gel.”

…Nas’s 2008 song “Make the World Go Round,” he raps: “Get the whole Trump Tower top floor for the hood.”

 And while filming the video for the 2008 song, “How We Rock,” in which rapper Termanology name-drops Trump, he and his crew stayed at Trump Tower and even “paid out of pocket,” he told ABC News, because “that’s how cool we thought it was.”

 In fact, rapper wrapped about Trump so much, he tweeted this in 2012:

And then this about Diddy’s support of him in 2015:

That support came only one year before Trump became president.

But now all of a sudden these rappers have changed their tune, dramatically.

Instead of rapping about Trump’s “swagger”, they now depict Trump dead.

Furthermore, these rappers song titles are now “F*ck Donald Trump’, instead of “I’m up like Donald Trump.”

What changed? Nothing on Trump’s end.

But rappers who formerly appreciated Trumps persona now hate him for his politics.With friends like these, right!

Look at what rapper “Termanology” said about Trump now that he’s president:

“We didn’t know that [Trump] was going to become president, and we didn’t know he was going to act the way he acts. It kind of struck all of us by surprise and now we cringe when we hear our own references to the guy we thought was cool. It wasn’t political back then,” Termanology added. “The coolest thing you could do was be in Trump Tower. It just symbolized wealth and success … now it doesn’t symbolize that anymore. It symbolizes racism and ignorance.”

How do these rappers go about selling their audience of how cool someone is after decades to all of sudden trying to convince their audience that the man in no good?

Truthfully, Termanology is a sellout.

He knows that Trump remains the same man. And Termanology also knows that he’s the worst kind of friend.

He and other rappers pretend that Trump doesn’t like the black community, as they attempt to profit off their supposed hatred of Trump.

Is the money worth their souls?

These artists respected Trump for his accomplishments, as Ice Cube explains:

Ice Cube and Kanye get it. And for the record, so do all the other sellout rappers. One day when it’s safe, these cowards will admit to what Kanye now professes.



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