Feinstein Looks VERY Worried in this Video After Reviewing FBI Report

I’m unclear as to what the Democrats want. Strangely, they seem to be unclear as well.

I forget how many Democrat Senators called for the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate hearing.

Yet, Senator Hirono preemptively said the investigation was a farce. And that idea continues, even after the President authorized the FBI to investigate wherever it leads.

I sense that the Democrats knew exactly where the investigation would lead: back to the Democrats.

Consider this tweet by Elizabeth Landers reporting that Senator Feinstein has said she does not think the finding of the FBI report into Bret Kavanaugh should be released to the public:

Well, isn’t that a drastic change of tune from Democrats who have repeatedly beaten the drum of having “full transparency” when it comes to this Supreme Court nomination.

Reporter Chris Loesch translated Democrats latest baffling request the best:

Caught in a lie

This video has been circulating about Senator Dianne Feinstein. The video supposedly depicts her reaction immediately after reviewing the FBI investigation results.

I’m no body language expert, but Feinstein looks like a drug mule about to go through a serious pat down and a cavity search.

Could you look more concerned, dare I say, “Guilty!”?

Feinstein looks like a person who knows she’s about to meet her executioner.

Keep in mind that Blumenthal recently distanced themselves from her, when they both said they wanted the FBI report to be made public.

“What’s important here are the facts, all of the facts — that’s what the FBI’s investigation is supposed to uncover. That’s why we pressed so hard for it from day one,” Blumenthal said on CNN’s “New Day.”

An interesting departure, given how Democrats have stuck together throughout this whole farce. I suggest the Democrats have prepped a place under the bus for Feinstein, and this would be a major takedown of one of their own.

Consider the calculus of a Feinstein takedown.

The #MeToo movement suffers mightily, though we don’t need the demise of Feinstein for that.

Next, the media appears to be complicit, thus validating Trump’s moniker to them of “fake news”.

Leftism in general takes a big kick in the shorts. I would put Democrat believability in the tank. Who could possibly believe these people if it turns out they plotted to keep Kavanaugh off the bench.

The delicious irony? The Democrat called for the investigation in order to delay the Kavanaugh vote, and ultimately keep him off the bench.

Dessert? That Kavanaugh will likely get appointed to the SCOTUS based on the Democrats’ nefarious plot.

Port with dinner? The Democrats will undoubtedly lose in the mid-terms, as Republicans easily maintain the House and increase their numbers in the Senate.

I’m curious as to developments on this over the next couple of weeks, and we will update you.



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