Finally Hillary Clinton Gets Security Clearance Revoked

I’m no rocket scientist, but shouldn’t many of the Obama administration people have their security clearances revoked?

Recall the flap over Trump stripping traitor and former CIA Director John Brennan of his clearance. What should be investigated is how Brennan got clearance in the first place.

Brennan threatened to sue the administration. I predicted Brennan would do no such thing, because of the sh*tstorm he would open on himself. As is usually the case in my predictions against Leftists, I was right.

Well now we have the latest group of counterfeit Americans who got their security clearances revoked too late.

As The Washington Time reported,

Hillary Clinton has given up her security clearance in the wake of the scandal over her handling of secret information on her email server, the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed Friday.

Chairman Charles E. Grassley also revealed top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and four others no longer have clearance.

Mrs. Clinton’s clearance expired at the end of August. The others lost their access privileges in September.

I can only imagine the Trump administration allowed the Clintons to keep their clearance so he could watch their every move. Because with the number of investigations open on the Clintons, it’s incredible that they weren’t stripped years ago.

Consider how long we’ve been dealing with the Clintons and their crooked foundation. Then when you look at the campaign, where they colluded with the DNC, the media, the Obama administration. Understanding this, it seems clear that Obama wanted the Clintons to continue to have access.

Check out the excuse Clinton gave for wanting to maintain security clearances for her and her staff, according to the Washington Times:

The State Department, in a letter to Mr. Grassley, had said Mrs. Clinton and her aides retained clearance in order to conduct research after she left office

The names of the four additional aides besides Ms. Mills were redacted from the State Department letter that the committee released.

I’d like to see an investigation into all these staffers. My bet is there will be an obvious connection between Clinton’s people and the FBI, the NSA, etc.

When you understand the power of the Clintons to maintain clearance, ergo access to secrets, you get an idea of how deep the Deep State truly is.

This explains why the FBI didn’t take notes or videotape her interview with them. And it also explains a lot more.

Surely we can get a look at all the searches done by Clinton and team? Or is that on Clinton’s super secret bathroom basement closet server?

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