First Lady Exposes Another Leftist Hypocrisy

First Lady Exposes Another Leftist Hypocrisy

The left’s obsession and criticism over the current first lady Melania Trump hit a new low.

It’s not outrageous enough criticizing her accent, the way she looks, dresses, or reads stories to children but now leftists have decided to further attack her comments in the new interview with Tom Llamas.

Recently, “The View” guest co-host and actress Yvette Nicole Brown went after first lady Melania Trump Friday as ABC’s Tom Llamas previewed his exclusive interview with her. It airs Friday evening.

“Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?” Brown asked.

Brown was responding to a segment in the interview where Melania was asked about Trump’s alleged affairs.

Llamas pushed backed against Brown’s comment complimenting Melania’s politeness and demeanor, which he said was similar on and off camera.

“I just want to say whether you like her or you don’t like her, she deserves our respect because she is our First Lady,” Llamas said.

“I don’t respect her,” Brown replied.

After backlash from Brown’s comments, she took to Twitter defending what she said. Obviously, she meant every word of it.

Interesting choice of words because as Brown refuses to “bow down” to our current First Lady with respect, she acted like a whipped puppy when it came to praising Michelle Obama. 

Brown wouldn’t dare say anything of the sort about Michelle Obama.

But why? Was it because Michelle was black? Or because Michelle is a leftist? What exactly has Michelle done to earn respect from Brown or anyone else?

I wonder what Brown and other leftist women had to say about Michelle Obama making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of “helping children” while her husband climbed the political power ladder.

Oh you didn’t know?

If you recall after Barack Obama became an Illinois state legislator, Michelle was working at University Of Chicago Hospital with a generous salary of around 120,000.

Suddenly that salary leapfrogged over $300,000 for the same job her husband earned climbing the political ladder as a Senator in 2005.

Yet, no one feigned outrage over this money making scheme by the Obamas.

The Obamas are Golden

Leftists continued their praise and eventually carried them all the way to the White House.

And that’s just one of the many scandals that somehow eluded the Obama’s before and after they took office.

Must we recap the sh*thole of a country we almost had thanks to Michelle’s husband and his destructive policies?

Or how about the one of many racist divisive remarks Michelle made while in the White House? Has anyone forgotten when she said Barack’s presidential campaign created the “first time she was proud of her country.”

Talk about black privilege!

Isn’t interesting how women on the left are readily willing to accept Michelle Obama after she made her money running on the back of her husband?

And now a woman who immigrated here, made a career for herself, and has given up her lavish lifestyle to serve her country is trash.

Bullied by the Left

It’s no wonder Melania Trump stated in her interview she believes she’s one of the most bullied people on the planet.

“I could be one of the most bullied people in the world when you look at the things people say about me.”

And she’s right.

And to prove it just look at this disgusting video clip of comedian hack, Jimmy Kimmel attacking the First Lady, Melania Trump:



Ah yes, the #MeToo crowd and champion for the women’s movement strikes again!

So, the attacks on Republican women continue. Meanwhile, liberals remind us of the leftist hypocrisy. As long as you’re a woman on the left, rules don’t apply. You can get away with whatever money-grabbing scheme or racially divisive thing you want to do or say.

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