Group KNOWINGLY Tries to Get Illegal to Vote [VIDEO]

The only way for Democrats to win almost any election is to cheat.

Their sick ideology doesn’t lend itself to sane citizens supporting them. So Democrats are relegated to finding anybody and everybody to bring to the fold.

Dead voters, felons, made up voters, stolen voter IDs, as well as illegals all make up the “new” Democrats.

Below is a video taken by a man who tells this “non-partisan” group that he is illegal. They really don’t seem to care much.

Cheating is what Democrats do to win. And when they don’t win, we know what comes next.

Protests, of course. 

Look at what these clowns have done to thwart the best president in modern history. Think Democrats care about Trump’s policies, and the positive results? So what if the economy is running like a formula one race car. And why should Democrats care that their world is safer, and America has regained its prominence on the world stage?

None of that means anything when the Left took a potential SCOTUS justice and tried to turn into a serial rapist.

The only thing Democrats have is the ruse of the #MeToo movement. They thought the enabler of a serial rapist could get elected. Especially with the help of Obama; the man who targeted Donald Trump for destruction.

We all know how that worked out for Obama and team. Donald Trump is now president. And the DC swamp rats are looking for driftwood.

Aside from the Kavanaugh fiasco which already appears to be giving Republicans dividends, the Left have additional pending scandals.

The first is the follow up investigation into Kavanaugh. Next comes Mueller inevitable outcome that crushes the life from Obama, the Clintons, and the media. I can only imagine what hardcore Democrats, especially the Hollyweirdos do when the truth comes out. These morons are so invested in their snake oil ideology, who knows what will happen.

While I don’t expect a wholesale “come to Jesus” conversion to the Republican side, a dent will be made in the Democratic Party for some time.

Even with the delay in part of my predictions, Democrats won’t win the mid-terms. And whether they admit it or not, they are panicked. So expect to see them pull out all the stops. They’re praying Michelle Obama is the key to 2020. But we already know that’s not going to work out.

Understand, the level of cheating in this video is benign compared to what Democrats have planned. However, they¬†have a major problem. They can’t make up the numbers they are losing.

Democrats experienced a massive defection.

Next, they have stragglers who no longer support the party at all costs. So there now exist whistle blowers in their ranks. But worse yet, Democrats created evangelists for the other side.

There is little more dangerous than somebody who learns the truth and goes to the other side.

Hey Conservatives, how do you like all this winning?!


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