Hollyweirdo Says: Thank God I’m Overweight and Ugly

Talk about a psychologist’s dream. Hollyweird is full of delusional people, but Amy Schumer takes the cake.

Schumer claims to feel sorry for hot women. Sure, and I bet she feels bad for Einstein, “You know, for being all smart and stuff!”

According to Page Six, Schumer prefers to be overweight and ugly.

Amy Schumer revealed she wouldn’t want to be an “ounce more attractive” and feels bad for women who are “hot.”

“That’s the truth. Not an ounce,” she said on Monday’s episode of Dax Shepard‘s podcast, “Armchair Expert.”

The “I Feel Pretty” star continued, “Being a woman sucks. It’s very difficult, and something else that we’ve all realized is like, we are sexualized like, all the time – even when it seems crazy – so I feel really bad for these girls who are so hot because guys can’t handle it. You can’t have a conversation. Everything’s gonna skew sexual and you’re gonna be treated differently. And honestly, I actually feel really bad for them.”

The comedian, who constantly advocates for self-confidence and self-love, also touched on the flip side.

“But then there’s also women that feel so unattractive that they’re just invisible…it just sucks anyway,” she said.

And while Schumer and Shepard both agreed that its a lose-lose situation for women, in regards to her own appearance she said, “I would not change a f–king thing.”

And yet that’s all she seems to talk about?

I know, it’s part of Schumer’s process to help other overweight ugly girls learn to love themselves.

The article continues, as Schumer discusses the perils of being a hot woman:

Schumer also took a moment to discuss how women are constantly afraid they are in danger of getting sexually assaulted.

“Women are mostly scared of violence because, you know, one in six women reports being sexually assaulted but really it’s one in three women, so we’re not even like, ‘is this going to happen?’ We’re like, ‘when?’” she said, referring to being sexually assaulted. “Women, we run home at night….we live in constant fear of violence.”

So does Schumer intimate that only hot girls are sexually abused? And here I thought sexual abuse is about power, not what a victim looks like necessarily.

I feel Schumer has thrown down the gauntlet to rapists, saying “Why don’t you rape fat ugly girls?!”

I mock Schumer, because her comments deserve it.

She denigrates a group of women based on looks. I find this far more despicable than what men do. The sisterhood of women theoretically should respect all women. But Schumer points out the differences in some women, and indirectly takes a swipe at attractive women.

I appreciate people who accept themselves for what they are. But leave others alone. There are people with more “societal” pleasing attributes. Some have advantages, which causes those with less advantage to try harder.

In the case of Schumer, her trying harder meant being “easy” when it came to sex. I’m not criticizing her tactics, because it does work. Plenty of Average Janes have boyfriends or husbands, and a few have both.

Entire industries dedicated to beauty and weight loss, but Schumer declares, “I love me!”. Great, and so do people who strive for better. People hit the gym for better physical health. Others hit the gym for mental health.

Can people feel better when they see what they want to see? Does it matter if this euphoria comes from weight loss, or a beautiful make-up job.

Schumer is physically and intellectually lazy. And her obsession with fat ugliness showcases other problems in her life. Let’s hope she resolves them for her own sake.

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