Honduran Invader Calls President Trump ‘Anti-Christ’

America may be ruled by the anti-Christ, according to one Honduran invader.

But that’s not stopping him from coming.

The first man interviewed said (in pretty good English), “We need a better life.”

So do most people. But how is that the responsibility of America? We send billions of dollars to Central American countries, yet they believe they can invade our country.

As I wrote before, do these people look like refugees?

This caravan looked like the campus of almost any California community college. And the way the first guy spoke English, I suggest there is much more to this “caravan” than meets the eye.

Another invader spoke in Spanish. Translated he said,

“Donald Trump is the anti-Christ. If he doesn’t repent, he’s going to hell. We are not criminals, we are workers and fighters!”

So we are to believe spontaneous exodus occurred, because Hondurans seek a better life in a country run by the anti-Christ?

In the final interview, the reporter targets a woman. Her husband was killed by drug dealers. She admits that three of her children are separated from her now.

That’s right, the woman has already been separated from her children, but the reporter doesn’t even inquire as to their safety or anything. For all he knows, the children were being gang-raped by friends of Brett Kavanaugh, yet the reporter asks the woman what she thinks about Trump separating her from her children at the U.S. border?

Yes, Leftists really are that obtuse. They ignore the problems before their very eyes, all to suit the narrative.

President Trump has already said that he considers this a possible invasion. He will mobilize the military, if necessary. The mob may try his bluff, if the Democrats keep the money coming.

I suspect the migrant hoard will be stopped in America. Democrats will pay them, as long as they remain politically expedient. After that, I hope the migrants save enough money for the return trek.

Donald Trump must show his base that he is serious about protecting our borders. That said, expect him to take the harshest cases, and allow asylum. This would drive a stake through the heart of the Left.


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