Hurricane Relief LINKS to Democrat Senator’s Fundraising Group

Democrats are despicable. It didn’t take the Kavanaugh witch hunt for us to realize this.

And don’t think you need to wait long after one insult by Democrats before they sink even lower with another attack on sane sensibilities.

Take Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat running for U.S. Senate. His campaign got busted Thursday morning fraud involving Hurricane Michael.

The Nelson team thought it kosher to use the donation link as a Democrat fundraising tool. Brent Scher of the Free Beacon tweeted this:

Speaking of  fundraising during hurricane, this is interesting: The link his campaign posted to raise money for disaster relief efforts takes you to ActBlue, the Democrat’s fundraising engine. Building donor list through hurricane relief contributions? 

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Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) will use any tactic to retain his senate seat. But he is in big trouble for a lot of reasons.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott now surges, which caused a panic in the Nelson campaign. That’s why Nelson dives to the bottom of the barrel.

More on ActBlue

ActBlue’s mission statement is to “empower small-dollar donors.” It is an independent software non-profit that has been used to raise over two billion dollars for Democrats and their causes since 2004.

The latest tactic by Democrats after the failure of the bimbos is to claim that President Trump doesn’t care about the victims of Hurricane Michael. They criticized his meeting with Kanye West, saying Trump should have done more for the states hit by the natural disaster.

Needless to say, this tactic will fall as flat as the various tries at bimbo eruptions. And in light of this latest information, Democrats have some explaining to do.

Let’s see how they now reconcile what Nelson has done. I suggest an investigation into ALL Democrats, as they tend to use causes to fundraise all the time.

Sadly, the Democrats’ level of desperation is heightened, thus their gutteral tactics won’t stop. Expect to see them sink lower, until after the election. After their fates are sealed, they will ask for civility and forgiveness. Because their asses will belong to the justice system.


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