KARMA: Democrats Have Their ‘Kavanaugh’ But He’s Black

I wrote earlier about how Democrats’ tactics returned to bite them in the ass. That happened big time.

Democrats want to win Attorney General positions in as many states as they can, so they can gerrymander voting districts. That’s why Congressman Keith Ellison decided to step down as a Representative and become Minnesota’s AG.

I’m sure the next step for Ellison in the eyes of the party would be governor, then potentially a run for the presidency.

Minnesota positioned itself for an Ellison governor’s run. The number of Muslim refugees has grown steadily with this goal in mind. But then we learned that Ellison is indeed a devout Muslim, complete with his abuse of women.

Now Democrats are afraid of the repercussions when Americans learn the truth about Ellison:

Minnesota Democrats are worried that allegations of domestic abuse made by a former girlfriend of Rep. Keith Ellison (D) could be a drag on his chances of winning the state’s attorney general’s office, a post Democrats have held for almost half a century.

The Minneapolis Democrat has denied the charges, and an investigation paid for by the state Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party could not corroborate the woman’s claims.

But the allegations have taken a toll, and the race between Ellison and former state Rep. Doug Wardlow (R) is neck and neck.

A poll conducted for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio last month showed Ellison leading Wardlow, 41 percent to 36 percent, even as Democratic candidates led their Republican rivals up and down the ballot in other contests.

The poll showed more voters, 31 percent, said they had an unfavorable impression of Ellison than those who said they had a favorable impression at 20 percent.

What a fall from grace for the man who was a shoe-in for AG.

Those poll numbers don’t bode well for Ellison or the duplicitous #MeToo movement.

Worse, Ellison’s fall forebode bad times for Democrats across the national landscape. How does one protest on behalf of #MeToo against an innocent man; then wholly ignoring a guilty one like Ellison.

Democrats awaited their fate, as Ellison fought to keep his divorce records sealed.

While the #MeToo movement shifted from Hollywood Democrat men to innocent Republicans, another battle waged.

That battle waged over the hypocrisy of Leftist women who ignored the abuse of women by Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN).

Though Democrats tried to ignore this scandal, my friend Laura Loomer kept the pressure up. It appears her relentless drive for the truth may have paid off.

According to the Washington Times, America may finally learn the truth about Keith Ellison:

A county court has ordered Rep. Keith Ellison’s divorce records to be unsealed, allowing more scrutiny into the Democrat’s private life as he fights off the abuse allegations upending his campaign for Minnesota attorney general.

Hennepin County Family Court referee Jason Hutchison released an order Friday saying the records of Mr. Ellison’s 2012 split with ex-wife Kim Ellison will be unsealed Oct. 17, ruling that “open access is the presumption in Minnesota.”

Kim Ellison, who is also an elected official as a member of the Minneapolis school board, has said there was no abuse during their 20-year marriage. Mr. Ellison plans to appeal the decision, according to his attorney.

“Keith and Kim Ellison remain jointly opposed to this effort to exploit the details of their personal life, and the lives of their children, for political gain,” Ellison attorney Carla Kjellberg said in a statement to media outlets.

The Minnesota Star Tribune and AlphaNews sued to have the records unsealed in the aftermath of abuse allegations made in August by Karen Monahan, Mr. Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, who said that he dragged her from a bed by her foot screaming obscenities.

The irony of this move is Ellison’s domestic violence accusation lie outside his marriage and with a former girlfriend. The evidence of her beatings don’t date back 30+ years, but are far more recent. And I did mention “evidence”, right?

So now the Democrats find themselves in a quandary. Jettisoning Ellison at this point proved difficult for a variety of reasons.

First, they can’t replace him this late in the game.

Second, the optics suck, given the timing.

Third, they actually need to kick his abusive ass to the curb to pretend to care about women, but can’t due to 1 and 2.

But it looks like Karma has stepped in. Because of the work of people like Laura Loomer, Ellison is taking a beating at the polls. It seems women in Minnesota might be rejecting the Sharia-loving Muslim after all.

Here is what was reported on Sept 4, 2018:

Dogged by a recent allegation of domestic abuse, Democrat Keith Ellison has a narrow, five-point lead over Republican candidate Doug Wardlow in the race to be Minnesota’s next attorney general, according to an MPR News/Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

The latest polls reported these results:

Recent polls indicate that Ellison in a dead heat race with Doug Wardlow, the Republican opponent, according to the New York Times. The poll also found that 40 percent surveyed voters said the domestic abuse allegations “are a factor” in whether to vote for the Democrat.

With three weeks left to go, Democrats can’t like this trend.

And the release of his divorce records hasn’t help Ellison or the #MeToo movement. According to The Daily Caller, Ellison says he’s a punk whose wife kicked his butt on the regular:

Keith Ellison, the Democratic National Committee’s deputy chair, said in divorce papers that claims by his ex-wife should not be believed and said that he is a “domestic abuse victim.”

The records were unsealed Wednesday despite efforts by Ellison’s ex-wife, Kim Ellison, to block their release.

“It was very humiliating to admit that I was a domestic abuse victim,” he wrote.

“I need to talk about the Respondent’s credibility,” Ellison, a U.S. congressman for Minnesota, wrote. “The Respondent is not credible. She does not tell the truth. Throughout our marriage, she was physically abusive to me.”

“The Respondent harassed female friends and colleagues on the phone and through texts — specifically, Batala McFarlane, Hiam Nawas, Karen Monahan,” he continued.

So Democrats, which is it?

Are you voting for a battered and bruised verifiable pansy, who claims abuse by his #MeToo Amazon former wife?

Or are you voting for a lying conniving woman-beater, who wants to implement Sharia law in America, so he won’t have to put up with feminist views much longer?


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