Kavanaugh Supporters Expose Dirty Joe Biden

Liberals didn’t expect Kavanaugh supporters to expose dirty Joe Biden for the snake he is.

But a new light is now shining on the womanizer aiming for a 2020 presidential run.

Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch has nothing on Dirty Joe’s senate seat.

Since the dawn of the Trump Administration, Joe Biden has been quietly working to throw his hat in the ring. He’s got a snow ball’s chance in hell. However, the democrat debacle aimed at discrediting Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a complete waste of time. One small sliver of good emerged from this leftist scheme. For months, Joe Biden has been making plans to fight Trump. Mistakenly, he thought his reputation as “Uncle Joe”, the one nobody wants to sit by at Thanksgiving, was forgotten. Now, thanks to Kavanaugh supporters, even leftists must reconsider everything they know about Joe.

Let’s start with Anita Hill.

Seriously, liberals seem to forget 1991, when Joe headed the 100% white male judiciary committee interrogating Hill. Or maybe they don’t forget. Maybe, they tried to create their own Anita Hill with Dr. Ford acting as the damsel in distress. Either way, what can’t be over-looked is Biden’s disregard for a female victim.

Perhaps Biden should reconsider the idea of term limits. It’s the only way to keep the past from haunting him. However, Biden’s desperate to put a spin on the 27-year-old tale.

As the New York Times elaborates:

The hearing have long been a source of discomfort with Biden among Democrats who remember the process.

Biden and his aides have issued multiple statements accusing Republicans of taking past remarks and actions out of context to bolster their defense of Kavanaugh. But he has largely stayed on the margins of the current Supreme Court fight, and last week scrapped a trip to South Carolina and Georgia that would have overlapped with Blasey and Kavanaugh’s testimony, though aides said that was not the reason for the cancellation.

The revival of interest in the Hill-Thomas hearings — and the mood of alarm among Democrats about the integrity of the Supreme Court — has clouded Biden’s 2020 deliberations as they approach a critical phase.

In other words, the leftist hypocrisy is highlighted once again. But if Biden can excuse his behavior at the Anita Hill hearing, he still has another obstacle.

Uncle Joe

Biden can’t deny his reputation as “Uncle Joe.” For decades, the former VP groped women and the media ignored his behavior.

Ironically, this same man challenged Trump to act like a big boy. But at least we know Biden is capable of making us laugh.

Still, it’s pathetic that in the nearly two years since Trump moved into the White House, liberals have yet to find anyone better than Joe Biden to champion their cause.

Obama’s gone. Further, Hillary couldn’t win at Bingo with a rigged card. Yet, dems keep looking within their party for a leader to emerge.

With role models like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, it’s no wonder dems can’t see the forest for the trees.

Kavanaugh’s Vindication

Trump hit the nail on the head this morning.

No matter how many times you prove the truth, leftists live in a constant state of denial. But make no mistake, the FBI cleared Kavanaugh yet again.

Like Kevin Jackson put it:

America doesn’t need to see this report in order to connect the dots on this. The plot to ruin Kavanaugh with the added benefit of ruining Trump. Ruining America, well that’s always the intention of the Left.

Kavanaugh’s supporters prove one thing. The constitution still has its believers.


Despite the backwards thinking prevalent among leftists, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is all but a done deal. Meanwhile, exposing dirty Joe for the umpteenth time is just icing on the cake.





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