Media Pretends Republicans FAKING Democrat Violence

Democrats will kill you. Generally, they rely on mobs to accomplish the feat.

Look at groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. When these clowns are by themselves, they are submissive pansies. Only when they have numbers are they Tommy Toughasses.

Occasionally Leftists act as lone wolves. Like the coward that shot Congressman Steve Scalise.

Now that we know how the media colluded with the Clinton campaign, we know that the mobs at Trump events were Democrat operatives, not Trump supporters.

Look at what Democrat gangsters tried to do to Kavanaugh. And I’m not just talking about the ones who tried to intimidate Republican Senators or others who might vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Those were bad enough, as they beat on the Senate door, while others browbeat Senators as they walked the halls of the Capitol Building.

No, the real gangsters were those who enlisted the support of “nasty” girls to impugn the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh. Without a moment’s pause, Democrats trotted out former teen-aged tramps, and made then lie in front of God and everybody about something that never occurred.

Post-confirmation of Kavanaugh, Democrats still threaten impeachment of the man. Because almost destroying an innocent man isn’t good enough when total destruction remains even remotely possible.

Look at what Hillary Clinton said recently of civility with Republicans:

Then check out Eric Holder issuing his threats against Republicans.

Remember when Obama said this.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”


Interestingly, Conservatives thought Democrats lost their minds over the election of Donald Trump. Perhaps.

But that loss took time to sink in. After all, they thought they would get an easy win, and the next day America would greet Madame President.

It took time for the shock to wear off. But when it did, the war began. Resist was born, and game on.

The mistake made by Democrats once they declared war was yet again underestimating now President Trump.

Trump played the Democrats magnificently. His offered an amazing yet simple strategy: He kept his campaign promises.

President Trump knew the recipe for success, and he campaigned on it. Then he implemented his plan which focused on MAGA and America First. The outcome is a thriving America on all fronts, foreign and domestic.

Democrats never expected Trump to be successful. After all, they declared him crazy, unhinged, and an egomaniac. And those were the complementary things they said of Trump.

Despite all efforts by Democrats to thwart the man, Trump just kept kicking ass. Lowest unemployment in decades, particularly for [box] people: women, Latinos, and yes even blacks.

Tax rebates and more income in checks, courtesy of Trump’s tax reform. Don’t think the American populace dismisses this. They will vote their pocketbooks. And so will business owners.

Businesses currently thrive due to the lack of bureaucracy and regulatory strangleholds placed on them during the Era of Zero. Things like global climate change, a farce President Trump quickly recognized as such and dismantled. Estimates are that Trump’s efforts returned $2 trillion back to businesses, money now pumped into the U.S. economy.

Trump’s trade policies offered a bonanza for companies, a wave businesses will ride beginning next year. Trump ushered in currency fairness, protection of intellectual property, and much more that has America’s economic engine revving comfortably in the green.

One would think the Left would join us in celebration.

However, they understand Trump exposes their failed ideology. Trump actually brings sanity back to government. Even better, he represents the people.

Part of the chagrin of the Left revolves around the courts. Presidents’ true lasting impact is felt most in the courts, with many appointments for life. Some Democrats see the lasting impact of Trump already.

When Trump replaced Scalia on the SCOTUS, Democrats understood. Trump replaced one staunch Conservative with another. But when Kennedy retired, the Left went crazy. A true 5-4 court in favor of Conservatives.

The time had come to do whatever it took to keep the court Left.

But they really weren’t protesting Kavanaugh. Leftist are protesting the person who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Thus, the next SCOTUS justice need to have the fear of God put into him or her.

Regardless, it won’t matter. If, when Trump replaces the next SCOTUS judge, it will be easier than Kavanaugh. Because of what the Left put Kavanaugh through. In addition, Trump will be even more successful (and popular) as president.

2020 looms.

Let’s face it: Trump is a lock to win the presidency again, as only God can stop him. Trump will win for all the reasons stated above and then some. So all the Left has are the 2018 mid-term elections. Which means, they have nothing.

I have publicly stated multiple times that the Left won’t gain control of the House and they will lose Senate seats. When they lose, nothing awaits but bad news.

Understand that the Left now plot to pull out all stops. If there was ever a time for the Left to go complete ape crap, it’s now. We are only seeing the beginning of their madness. And that’s exactly how the Democrats will make themselves obsolete for the next few election cycles.






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