Mexico Mobilizes to Stop Honduran ILLEGALS

President Trump is not one to repeat the past, especially when it comes to border security.

Trump has witnessed lip service from almost all administrations. Congress has gamed every Republican president with promises of increased border security, a border wall, or some type of “comprehensive immigration reform”. In the end, Americans get nothing, except more illegals.

Unlike Obama who invited over 60,000 migrant “children” to America, then disbursed them throughout the country, President Trump issued a stern warning to Honduras regarding their “fake” migration. Trump warned, [pp]

“If your people try to enter the U.S. we will stop them, and we will cut off your aid.”

Clearly, this migration is a stunt. Somebody is paying for this madness. Laura Ingraham speculated that each person costs about $7,000 to bring to America. The average income of a worker in Honduras is 1/3 that amount.

The video below proves these people are being paid to join the “asylum” caravan. The man says in Spanish, “All the money is for women.” He then proceeds to pay the women.

Based solely on this video, we know this migration has nothing to do with asylum. It’s just a Democrat pre-midterm election ploy. It won’t work.

Keep in mind the stories that these women have been made to pay for their voyage in sex. Young girls are said to be given condoms, since they too will have to “put out” along the way.

Democrats condone this despicable behavior in order to make a political point.

Back to President Trump’s response.

As I mentioned earlier, Trump warned Honduras. The Vice President reiterated the warning. But the president didn’t leave this to Honduras. As I said on my radio show the day I heard of the caravan, President Trump will go one step further.

This caravan must migrate through Mexico. And I suggested the president would call Mexico’s new president and remind him of all America does and can do for his country. On the heels of a new trade agreement, I believed that Mexico would be very receptive to President Trump’s phone call.

Based on the video below, I think I was right.

Caravan: 2 Planes Filled With 500 Mexican Federal Agents Arrive At thier Border W/Riot Gear & Instructions ‘Do Not Enter Or Be Detained’ All Signs Point To President Trump’s Warning. This Is Historic For Mexico! Thank You! @realDonaldTrump

So along with this mobilization of police, Mexico’s UN Ambassador had this to say:


We will soon see how this plays out. Smart money is on Trump winning.



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