MSNBC Host Goes BALLISTIC Blaming Trump for Violence

MSNBC has no love lost for the truth. That’s why they hate Donald Trump.

In an effort to figure out how to have even-tempered debate of political issues, MSNBC host Katie Tur blew her stack!

Tur exploded at conservative talk radio host Erick Erickson after Erickson suggested that people on both ends of the political spectrum needed to tone down the inflammatory political rhetoric.

“Erick, in the past you’ve been pretty critical of the president. You’ve condemned him for saying certain things. Why not push him for forcefully right now to be a unifier instead of a divider?”

Erickson proved his RINO bona fides, declaring that Trump shouldn’t go after the media. That would be true if America had media.

But I digress.

Erickson reminded Tur about the violent political rhetoric coming from the political Left.

“I also think there are folks on the other side who need to tamp down on the rhetoric as well,” Erickson said. We had ricin attacks against Susan Collins and Ted Cruz last week and protesters chasing people out of restaurants. I think both sides need to calm down, which is one reason I think it’s not really helpful right now is who started it.”

At this point, Tur lost it.

She began a rant, where she began finger-pointing. She even moved closer to the camera, as if to intimidate Erickson, who can’t even see her.

Tur declared that Trump is largely responsible for today’s political climate, if not solely responsible.

And these clowns say they want civility?

How many examples of Democrat violence do they wish to ignore. As they discuss Trump’s salient rhetoric, Democrats actually give beatdowns or worse. Honestly, Democrats act like the shooting of Scalise happened decades ago.

Every time I see exchanges like these, I’m reminded of the bubble in which the Left live. Recently I saw a Leftist forced to defend herself because she dare to say the fake bomb person might not be a Trump fan.

In her interview, she said that she was merely giving the realm of possibilities. She added that she believed the person would be a Trump supporter. But just giving the possibility of another alternative garnered the ire of the Left.

Just so we are clear on my position, I don’t believe Cesar Sayoc Jr is a legitimate Trump supporter. I see him as a plant.

In the first media reports of the man, they said he was a registered Republican. We found evidence to the contrary.

I guarantee you Democrats are behind this story. And we will find out soon enough.

While this provides a temporary distraction from the ass-kicking the Republicans have been giving Democrats leading into the midterms, the festivities will resume soon for us.

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