Special Counsel Mueller Still Withholding Answers

The Mueller Report is complete. But Mueller has decided to hold on to it.

Any guesses as to why the hottest report on the planet, a report taxpayers have paid over $20 million at this point must be delayed until AFTER the midterms? Can’t think of anything?

Honestly, how does a man with major conflicts of interests report on himself? Further, when your investigation yields absolutely nothing against the target in more than a year, yet a treasure trove of information against his opponents is amassed, well you should slow-walk the report.

And that’s just what Mueller is doing.

As Fox News tells us:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to issue findings of some of the core aspects of his investigation into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia shortly after the November midterm elections, Bloomberg reported.

The outlet, citing two anonymous U.S. officials, reported that Mueller is finalizing the conclusions related to the questions on whether President Trump’s campaign cooperated with Russia and whether he took any actions that could constitute obstruction of justice.

If this report had anything damning against Donald Trump or President Trump, then it would have been leaked.

Adam Schiff and his team are leak freaks. I can only imagine all the Leftists who have seen this report. They strategize in private, trying to figure out how to spin the news.

Think this report will showcase all that was done by the cast of crooked Clintonians?

Remember the cast of players.

First up, we have Andrew McCabe.

Andrew McCabe “stepped down” as acting director of the FBI just hours before he was set to retire with full benefits. After 25 years of service, he wasn’t stepping down. McCabe was running from the truth. He’d like people to believe he is the victim of Trump-bullying. However, the facts say otherwise. McCabe is a Clinton hack. While Hillary bank-rolled his wife’s campaign to the tune of half a million dollars, McCabe was supposedly investigating Hillary’s emails. Then he leaked information to the Wall Street Journal to make it look like he wanted to dig deeper into Hillary’s scandal. McCabe says Obama’s DOJ pressured him. But he lied so many times, and under oath, who can believe anything McCabe says?

Then we have Peter Strzok.

This FBI agent was biased against Trump from the beginning. Yet Mueller made him part of the team; a team stacked with anti-Trumpers.

Strzok intentionally manipulated the Russian investigation. We know this, because of texts between him and Lisa Page. At the time,

President Trump tweeted on the obvious bias shown by Strzok and Page:

More text messages between former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are a disaster and embarrassment to the FBI & DOJ. This should never have happened but we are learning more and more by the hour. “Others were leaking like mad” in order to get the President! ……..

What about James Comey?

This guy is still trying to profit off the lousy job he did as FBI Director. I bet most conservatives fell on the floor laughing when his book came out. “Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.” The title is absolutely hilarious coming from one of the most corrupt FBI leaders in history. Ironically, Comey bills himself as a victim of politics.

Months ago, the investigation into Comey’s gross mishandling of classified information started. However, where are the results of that investigation? Perhaps they will tiptoe out even more quietly than Mueller’s Russian probe findings.

Remember the Podestas?

These brothers are knee deep in Russian scandals. John Podesta took $170,000 from a Russian bank. What did that money buy? How about meetings with State Department officials. But is Podesta on Trump’s payroll? Of course not. He’s another Clinton minion.

There is much more to their relationship. Hysterically, Mueller doesn’t really need to hunt for the obvious collusion, yet he finds nothing?

And what of Obama?

As Kevin Jackson pointed out:

In fact, Obama worked with Hillary’s team to legitimize the fake dossier. Obama wanted to ensure crooked Hillary followed his path to the White House. In the Strzok texts, they reportedly were to keep Obama informed.

This is just the short list of Leftists scoundrels, as I assure you more will come. So while the Left pretend to look for Russian interference with threats of a renewed Russian probe, the real question is why won’t Mueller give up the good?

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