NEVADA: Barack Obama Forgets Who He’s Campaigning for

Democrats reluctantly rely on Barack Obama to rally their base. But that reliance comes with much potential peril.

Barack Obama announced this support of the Democratic Party in early June of this year. The media reported at that time that Obama would campaign for Democrats some time in Sept. 

On Sept 21, Obama appeared in Philadelphia where he spoke to around 700 people, and tried to take credit for Trump’s economy. That didn’t go over well, as polling of youth showed that they gave President Trump credit.

Even those who gave Obama “some credit” recognized that Trump put the economy on steroids.

New polls in hand, Obama retreated down his rat hole for just over a month. He needed to rework his strategy, or perhaps take time off from that grueling one day of campaigning.

Now, Obama re-emerged in Nevada, where he was to campaign on behalf of Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.), who is running for Senate against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.).

In his speech, Obama spoke largely on behalf of himself. For those who bothered to count, Obama invoked himself about 77 times. To put this in perspective, Obama mentioned Rosen a mere four times. Thus, Obama spoke about himself almost 20 times more than the candidate he allegedly spoke on behalf of.

And you wonder why the narcissist sent the Queen of England an mp3 of his speeches?

Interestingly, during this campaign event on behalf of Rosen, Obama didn’t mention a single thing about Rosen’s campaign. Nor did he mention her legislative record or even a tidbit about Rosen’s personal history.

Towards the beginning of his speech, Obama asked the audience to recognize Rosen with an applause. But the most he said of Rosen’s policy positions involved his own albatross healthcare fiasco:

“Jacky Rosen believes that health care is not a privilege for the few but a right for everybody.”

Towards the end of his speech, Obama said Nevada could become notable for electing another female senator, an homage to the #MeToo movement.

Finally, in his concluding lines, called on Nevadans to make Rosen their next senator.

Obama loves campaigning for himself. And this speech was his attempt to preserve a failed legacy. Obama now runs against President Trump.

Obama began by saying,

I have to say that – I miss you first of all, look, I am not alone in saying I enjoyed coming to Las Vegas.”

54 “I” references, 16 “we” (speaking of his administration), 4 times “my”, and 3 times (me”. 77 references to himself in 38 minutes.

The man who printed $8 trillion, stated:

“We got the economy growing again, we started the longest streak of job creation and record, we covered another 20 million people on health insurance, we brought housing back here in Nevada. We cut our deficit by more than half, partly by making sure the wealthiest Americans, folks like me, pay their fair share of taxes. …

“Listen, even for all we did, we did not reverse forty-year trends in only eight years. Because Republicans took over Congress and decided to block everything I tried to do. Everything. … We pulled the economy out of crisis … Overseas we took out bin Laden and we wound down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We got Iran to halt its nuclear program.”

I love hearing Obama litigate his past. It’s a stark reminder of how the Leftist brain thinks, and that will translate at the polls.

The man who called 1.5 percent GDP the new norm, as the best he could hope for was 2 percent. President Trump easily proved him wrong.

And more famously was Obama’s challenge for Donald Trump to save Carrier. For that, Obama proclaimed that Trump would need to be a magician, and use a “magic wand”.

Obama’s panache has all but disappeared. Trump is the true showman. But that didn’t stop Obama from trying to rouse the base. At one point, Obama spoke of the current economic boom, and urged the crowd to began chanting “Remember who started it!”

They do remember who started it.

So Obama doesn’t campaign for others, he campaigns for himself. He tried it in Sept, and now again in late Oct. It won’t matter, because Obama no longer matters.

Two years of a Trump administration shows the vast contrast between the two presidents. And nobody truly misses Obama.

You won’t see many Democrats asking for Obama’s support, especially after watching this self-indulgent event. Frankly, that is the sign to look for. How many more Democrats in contentious campaigns will bring in Baby Black Jesus to save them?


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