The New Hollyweirdo Pope

If you need any clue as to where the Catholic church has gone, I give you the meeting between Leo DiCaprio and the Pope.

Oh, I’m sure I will hear from many Catholics who will threaten to banish me from their lives for speaking against their pope. What will I do?

Note: I’m not blasting the Catholic religion, just the Leftists who now head said religion.

Catholics should be ashamed of this man they call “his holiness”. I see very little holy about a man who caters to celebrities and secular views, while mostly ignoring the word of God.

I’m not the only person who feels this way, at least according to Breitbart:

An Argentine woman who says she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a cleric in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires — where Pope Francis once served as the cardinal archbishop — said the pope ignored victims of sexual abuse while welcoming celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio with open arms.

“He receives all the celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio, and opens his door to them. And for us, not even a quick letter to say he was sorry,” one of the victims told an interviewer with the French news program Cash Investigation in 2017.

This pope seems caught up in celebrity. I get the feeling he loves being worshiped by those who actually don’t believe in God. Thus, this pope has succumbed to the ways of the world. And, for all intents and purposes, appears more Hollyweird than pious.

From my vantage point, I see this pope as an infiltrator of the church, and not a purveyor of church doctrine.

Breitbart continues,

Even with these reports of sexual abuse in Francis’s diocese, the pope claimed in his 2010 book On Heaven and Earth that instances of sexual abuse by clergy members “never occurred in my diocese” and “in the diocese, it never happened to me.”

Around the same time the then-archbishop published his book, he commissioned a study calling victims of sexual abuse “false accusers,” claiming their accusations were just ways of projecting their own sexual desires onto accused priests.

As pope, Francis has not changed his views on victims of sexual abuse. The pope doubled down against those who accuse clergymen of sexual abuse during a homily Thursday morning, saying that those who accuse bishops of sexual abuse are like Satan, “the Great Accuser.”

Move over Harvey Weinstein, there’s a new sheriff in Hollyweird. And he just ordered 500 casting couches.

With views like this, this pope should run a Hollyweird studio. Vatican Pictures, coming soon to a theater near you. Starring Stormy Daniels. Producer: Michael Avenatti.

What kind of church leader compares the victims of abuse to Satan?

Even Hollyweird has done its part to expose the dirty underbelly of the Catholic church. Thus, this may be the reason the pope is meeting with “Leo”. Perhaps the Catholic leader believes DiCaprio can help smooth things over with the ? Like DiCaprio does with “climate farce“.

The pope showcases that meeting with “stars” takes precedence over dealing with the real issues facing the Catholic church. And what of solving those very real issues?

Watching this pope reminds me of the political system. This man showcases far more politician than pope, as he fuels himself on the adulation of the Left. Climate farce, birth control, sexual abuse scandals. Why not just tell Catholics to stop reading the Bible and don’t worry about showing up to mass.

I’m truly not sure what this man will do next to kick the Bible in the balls, and test our sensibilities with his version of “new age” Catholicism. I guess I will have to wait on his next celebrity appearance. I’m guessing either Sean Penn or Madonna. In fact, it could be both.

Anybody want to speculate on what that threesome could come up with to shock us?



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