NPR: Why Democrats Aren’t Discussing Russian Collusion

Interesting article by NPR theorizing on why Democrats aren’t campaigning on Russian collusion.

Remember when Russian collusion was all the Democrats talked about. Now, they are quieter than a library mouse pissing on cotton.

As I written, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has one reason for delaying his report on Russian collusion until after the midterm elections. The result of report will guarantee Democrats lose.

The Republicans won’t need any help, as the public has figured out what’s in Mueller’s report.

Post-election, Democrats will face music from another dimension. Expect many of them to go to prison. This will be followed by the continued mass exodus from their party.

The play is so obvious, that NPR pondered the Democrats’ strategy of dropping Russian collusion as well. They wrote:

The president’s onetime national security adviser, campaign chairman, campaign vice chairman, campaign foreign policy aide and others have pleaded guilty to federal charges.

The president’s son before Election Day in 2016 met with representatives of the same foreign government that employs roughly two dozen people charged by the Justice Department with attacking the election.

It’s a slam dunk for political opponents, right? Wrong.

As midterm campaigning heats up and Democrats try to make their way back from the political wilderness, they are mostly not relying on the Russia imbroglio to make their case to voters.

Although the subject comes up and the party has elected to attack President Trump and Republicans for what they call a “culture of corruption” — which broadly involves the Russia saga — the big political focus is elsewhere.

What struck me most about this article is NPR confessing that Democrats are “avoiding” discussing Russia.

Democrats have hounded Trump for the better part of two years about the Russians. They have spent over $20 million, and have little to show for it.

Tying Trump to the Russians was to lead to impeachment, and yet we have another Al Capone’s vault.

As I’ve written, Mueller better hope his report doesn’t leak before the midterms. Because if it does, Democrats will freak!

The most important investigation in modern history, and Democrats aren’t demanding it’s release NOW. Not a single Democrat has demanded Mueller release this information to the public. Instead, the people who demanded the investigation now demand nothing. In fact, they seem downright relieved this report won’t come out before the midterms.

For the duration of this investigation, Democrats brought misogyny out of retirement. They attacked Trump with various bimbos. And when that failed, they returned to the Russians.

Next, they tried racism in a variety of ways.

Democrats used the NFL protests, Trump’s border protection policies, and the radical Muslim travel order, all with the hopes of casting Trump as a racist. When that failed, they returned to the Russians.

Democrats then regurgitated misogyny using a porn star, and indirectly tried to tie the #MeToo movement to Brett Kavanaugh. Failed again. But this time, no Russians.

Now Democrats revert to their stale tactics of “fear”.

Women will die, if the Republicans keep the House. People will starve, especially old people and children. And they will all die at the hands of NRA members.

Then, nothing happens.

The Democrats dropped Russian collusion, because it was in their best political interest. And after the anvil falls on their brainless skulls, they will drop the other farces, and come to grips with reality.

Trump is large and in charge. He has taken over the Republican Party, wooed the #NeverTrumpers, and is fast bringing the #WalkAway crowd. After the election, watch how things change dramatically in the temperament of the Democrats.


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