Obama-Era Ex-FBI Agent CAUGHT in the Act

What’s up with the Obama-era FBI?! Talk about President Trump “inheriting a mess” – this rogue DOJ group represents Obama and his ilk well.

We reported earlier about another government leaking information to the press. 

Natalie May Edwards, a senior advisor in the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network was apprehended Tuesday after leaking confidential Russia probe documents to Buzzfeed reporter Jason Leopold.

Edwards was charged with unlawfully disclosing financial reports and conspiracy relating to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, the Russian embassy and accused Russian spy Maria Butina.

According to a complaint issued by the Justice Department, Edward’s boss, an associate director at FinCen, is a co-conspirator.

So Natalie May Edwards, a paid public servant leaked information, and now we have another!

Meet former FBI agent, Terry James Albury.

And you know how Albury got access to the documents? That’s right, his SECURITY CLEARANCE.

Any guess as to the crimes committed by the former FBI agent?

Like with Edwards, Albury leaked information to the media.

Albury was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison, after stealing more than 70 documents, 50 of which were categorized as classified.

A “secret” document that he leaked revealed how the bureau assesses confidential informants, and provided them to an online news organization. The date of that document and its subject matter corresponded with a Jan. 31, 2017, story published by The Intercept.

In April, the 39 year old Minnesotan former agent pleaded guilty to one count each of unauthorized disclosure of national defense information and unauthorized retention of national defense information.

Albury reportedly appeared to cry in court as he read his statement before he was sentenced, claiming he wanted to make a difference and never meant to put anyone in danger,” he said.

The former agent’s defense attorneys for Albury reportedly maintained that he acted patriotically.

They claim that Albury was morally conflicted by the FBI’s counter-terrorism policies that he viewed as racial profiling. His attorneys requested he receive probation.

But the race card didn’t work.

U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright insisted that Aulbury abused his security clearance, “knowingly” committed the crime despite its illegality, and betrayed public trust. He warned that 4-year prison term should serve as a deterrent to other leakers, according to The Associated Press.

“You did so willingly. You knew that what you did was a criminal act, and you knew that you were putting the nation’s security at risk,” the judge told Albury.

About time people start having consequences for their actions instead of assuming anything goes without repercussions.

Ironically, this agent received a 4 year prison sentence for leaking. Yet Hillary and trusted aide Abedin haven’t been arrested for using a private server for classified information.

And what of consequences for ex-FBI James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Joe Ohr or ex-CIA John Brennan and Jake Clapper? They all leaked classified information.

That’s what’s so dangerous about liberals – they believe they take the high road, thus justifying breaking the law.

Evidently, the FBI had a complex media leak machine in its midst. And as we have learned, leakers frequently provide the media much to report (or fabricate) about Donald Trump. Another interesting thing to consider is no negative information leaks about Democrats.

It’s no wonder Obama-ear G-men (and women) feel free to leak information. If Hillary Clinton had become president, these people would be rewarded.

But here’s what so perplexing. Despite fawning over him by the media, Obama reportedly targeted staff and reporters. Further, he prohibited media to promote its stories via social media.

According to a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Obama administration forced its members to undergo lie detector tests and seized phone and email records between reporters and intelligence community members.

The campaign was so aggressive it even had a name, the report states: “The Insider Threat Program.”

Should President Trump need a program to track down leakers inside his administration, he need look no further back than the Obama administration for the boilerplate.


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