ObamaCare Rates Continue to Torment Democrats

I love how Leftists are forced to spin the skyrocketing rates of ObamaCare.

Because rates soared, more than doubling most people insurance costs, the idea of the rates dropping eventually was supposed to save the program.

Wishful thinking on the part of Democrats. Because under Obamacare, there seems to be no end in sight for rates.

As Spectator reported,

The Democrats and the media have repeatedly accused President Trump and the GOP Congress of “sabotaging” Obamacare, claiming that changes to the “Affordable Care Act” would result in unprecedented premium hikes in 2019. In July, for example, Nancy Pelosi made the following claim: “Their latest assault on health care will significantly increase premiums for millions of hard-working American families across the nation.” Meanwhile, ever eager to disseminate Democratic propaganda, “news” outlets like the Los Angeles Timeshave published stories with tendentious titles such as the following: “The costs of Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare already are showing up in rate hikes.”

Nice try, Pelosi.

The Obamacare rates rose all by their lonesome. The Democrats knew this when the plan was hatched.

The article continues,

It goes without saying that the Democrats and the “news” media were deliberately attempting to mislead the public. In reality, 2019 will be the first year ever in which Obamacare premiums will decline. In 12 states, according to Obamacare.net, the average rate charged by insurers selling plans through federal and state exchanges will actually be lower than in 2018. The largest cut will be in New Hampshire, where the average premium will drop by 13.47 percent. The smallest reduction will be in Wyoming, where the decrease will be about 0.25 percent.

Even that’s not great news, when you consider that in some places medical insurance costs under Obamacare tripled. So getting back even the highest percentage doesn’t make up for the massive losses. And what about the 0.25 percent rate reduction? Is that even worth noting?

I guess in the Era of Obama even such a small reduction must be noted so Obama can take affirmative action credit for tripling your rates, then giving you back a 0.25 percent rate reduction. For Leftists, that winning math.

But then we get the bad news.

In the 38 remaining states, premium hikes will be far less than they have been since Obamacare was enacted. The average increase nationwide will be around 4 percent.

So in over 75 percent of the states Obamacare rates continue to rise. And not by minuscule amounts, but 4 percent. That more than you get on your money in a savings account.

No wonder Pelosi wants somebody to take credit for this demon-child piece of extortion.

As election day nears, some Democrats might claim Obamacare would have worked had it not been for Donald Trump.

Down in Texas

In the one of the most heated races of the year, Senator Ted Cruz slammed Beto O’Rourke for voting to keep ObamaCare 67 times. Meanwhile, Cruz voted to cover pre-existing conditions while working to scrap ObamaCare.

As Breitbart explains:

“I don’t know how you’re going to repeal every single word of the Affordable Care Act and keep protections for pre-existing conditions,” O’Rourke shot back at Cruz. He cited a child named “Victor” and a man named “Joey” in Laredo with diabetes and no health care. The congressman said Joey’s care will become more expensive and outcomes not as good as he nears death. O’Rourke said Texas left $100 billion on the table when introducing Medicare as an option.

Cruz pinned O’Rourke on his failure to address health insurance premiums having “skyrocketed.” He said “we all agree” on protecting those with pre-existing conditions.” The senator pointed to his own Consumer Freedom Amendment legislation aimed at protecting pre-existing conditions and reducing premiums about $5,000 per year.

“We’ve gotta lower premiums, and congressman O’Rourke has voted 67 times to keep Obamacare. He hasn’t been there to fix the people that are getting hurt that are getting forced into part-time jobs,” Cruz jabbed at O’Rourke. He said O’Rourke’s answer instead is “socialized medicine.”

Of course, early polls indicate Cruz is winning 56% of the vote. Therefore, holding on to ObamaCare isn’t the best strategy. Thus, Democrats will not control the House, and Obamacare will be gone for good, post mid-terms.

Soon after, Democrats will no longer speak of Obamacare, and will secretly thank President Trump for its demise.



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