Obama’s Audience: Democrats Should be EMBARRASSED

I understand why Democrats orchestrate events so carefully.

When you look at how the media shows Obama events, fake news frauds come to mind.

If you only watched fake news media, you might believe Obama spoke to a packed house in Nevada.

I’m not sure what the head count is, but it’s certainly not what’s depicted in the close-up.

Look at a video taken from another angle. From this vantage point, you get the real idea of audience size.

I speak for many Democrats when I say, “This is EMBARRASSING!”

Clearly, there is plenty of additional room in what look like bleachers above the audience. However, baby black Jesus didn’t have the draw to pull an audience in. 

Where is Jay-Z when you need him?!

When Obama emerged in September in Philly to “help” the Democrats, I said he would not last long. He didn’t.

After only one event, Obama did nothing else in the way of public appearances, until a month later. It was reported that 700 people attended the rally in Philly. I don’t know the reported numbers for Nevada. My bet is the press doesn’t want to report the numbers.

In contrast, from the Office of Redundancy Office, Trump rallies are like those of a rock star. When he announces them, tickets go as fast as they would for any entertainer. The events ALWAYS fill to capacity with people waiting outside.

And it doesn’t even matter what the weather is. People will stand in oppressive heat, rain, even a cold snap to get inside to see Trump. Those who don’t make it, brave the elements to see Trump on the big screen.

Below are graphics from Trump’s Houston rally:

And here are additional rallies in Duluth MN, Greenville NC, and Evansville IL.

The common theme is “standing room only”!

Anybody who believes Democrats have momentum should seek psychiatric help. As these rallies foretold of November 8, 2016, so they forebode for November 6, 2018.

Trump knows exactly what he wants. He planned these rallies strategically, even picking areas where Hillary Clinton won. It was as if Trump wanted the voters there to recognize his accomplishments. Further, he wanted them to know that there is no shame in admitting their mistake in supporting crooked Hillary Clinton.

Next, Trump secured red states. He validated voters who supported him. Trump reminded him and office seekers of his political prowess.

What’s great about Trump rallies is they are as real as he is. He needs no clever television angles, because the crowds are real. The enthusiasm for the man and his message is real.

Democrats know this, and they fear this.

As for Obama, he picked the wrong fight. If he needs a hammer to fall to understand the Trump mandate, it’s coming.

As I said on my radio show, let’s see how many other Democrats ask for Obama to come campaign with them.


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