Obese Greek Tourists Highlight Problems Suffered by American Taxpayers

You have to love it when Leftism literally crushes under its own weight.

Take for example this story that involves “fat-shaming” and PETA.

Apparently, in Greece they don’t mind fat-shaming tourists as long as it protects animals. So in this case, fat asses can’t sit on regular asses.

As Metro reports, the Greeks are protecting their asses:

The donkeys are many times left crippled under the weight of the fat tourists.

In July, the animal rights group Help the Santorini Donkeys revealed the donkeys were suffering from spinal injuries and open wounds, as thousands of overweight tourists using ill-fitting saddles reportedly opted to ride – not walk – up the steep hills of the popular cruise ship destination. Animal rights activists petitioned for a weight restriction for donkey riders and images of donkeys climbing the narrow steps of the Greek island of Santorini weighed down by obese tourists hit the headlines worldwide.

Peta also started a petition called ‘Donkeys on Santorini Abused and Used as Taxis: Please Help Them!’

Clearly even the donkeys have limits.

And you can bet some entitled Leftists pushed the envelope, when booking his or her self-indulgent ass for a donkey ride.

In response to the situation, the Greek island of Santorini formally banned “obese” tourists weighing over 220 pounds from riding local donkeys. Next, the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food published a new set of regulations regarding donkeys’ well-being.

“Under no circumstances should be used animals unfit for work i.e., ill animal, injured, animals in an advanced pregnancy as well as animals with poor maintenance of hooves,” the government bulletin states. “Further, The animals should be given appropriate and adequate food and fresh drinking water daily, into containers which cannot be contaminated and are cleaned at least once a day.

“Working equines should not be loaded with excessive weight for their size, age or physical condition. The load cannot exceed the weight of 100kg, or one fifth of their body weight.”

As for Greece, who knows how fat Leftists will get around. God forbid they actually get off their lazy asses and walk around the town.

Maybe on his next visit former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg can implement nutritional austerity. Maybe step one is to stop the Greeks from serving too large gyros? Or perhaps Greece has a soft drink problem he can fix by limiting the size?

Allow me to put this in perspective of American politics.

The government (and other Leftists and Democrats) represent “fat tourists”. Thus, hardworking American Conservatives represent the donkeys (asses). Daily, the government rides our asses into the ground on behalf of Leftists and Democrats.

We elected Trump to get the fat asses off our backs. And it takes a story like this to wake up the Left and see the abuse suffered by mostly Conservative Americans. We are the people who work, and pay for the far too large percentage of deadbeats.

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