How to Party Like a Trumpster During the Midterms

For Republicans still not used to winning, let’s have a refresher.

First, understand that you are now winners, and Democrats are losers. Recall the look of losers on November 8, 2016.

That, my friends is the look of LOS-ERS!

And what of these crybabies?

I know, right! ENJOY!

Because we no longer exhibit these looks. Because we are WINNERS! Conservatives have much to celebrate, and it all began with the election of Donald Trump.

Below is a short video that I believe perfectly depicts what will happen yet again in November of this year, just short of the two year anniversary of the ass-kicking we put on the Left.

In that video, we are that bulldog, jamming out to yet another huge win.

You want proof? Just look at how the losers continue their downward trend.

They lost in almost all the special elections. These losses were a shock, because Democrats are good when they can TARGET a candidate. Sure, they got their wall trophy with Judge Roy Moore, but Trump won most of those special elections.

Compare that to Obama, the “hero” who lost 1080 seats to Republicans during his tenure. But special election wins for Trump were just the beginning.

How about that tax cut that affected almost all Americans? Think voters don’t “follow the money”? Democrats want us to believe that the Democrats who left that scurrilous group of pansies and voted for Trump don’t appreciate all that he has done? After all, Trump is a mean ol’ meanie, right?!

But things get better. With every Trump success, Trump Derangement Syndrome worsened for Democrats. Look at the number of times those clowns jumped the shark.

The Kavanaugh hearings scared almost all their base. Blacks hearkened back to when white women got black men hung with their lies. Ok, I helped them remember, but still they now know.

Democrats mothers of sons recognized the potential future problems for their sons, and they left the party. Even their eunuchs, the “men” on the Left saw the writing on the wall.

And what about Kanye? The hip hop Sojourner Truth. He may have singlehandedly brought got the black vote for Trump over 30 percent. Ok, I may have helped just a bit.

Let’s not forget the Russian collusion theory. As that ball of yarn unravels, Mueller is left holding Hillary Clinton’s pecker in his hand. Another major backfire.

Finally (and we aren’t really done yet), the “bomb scare”.

Understand that even hardcore Democrats are shaking their damn heads over this farce. We chronicled all the reasons nobody believed this fake bomb narrative. Suffice it so say, America easily saw through this ruse.

So prepare to party like you’re Donald Trump in a couple of weeks!

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