President Trump RUBS ANOTHER Accomplishment in Obama’s Face

President Trump knows how to get things done. And he just accomplished something else Obama couldn’t.

Pretty soon, Americans will be free to travel the world in relative security.

I recall visiting Egypt, and an Egyptian man telling me how much respect he had for me. It was based on my American passport.

Back in the day, being American had that cachet. Under Obama, being America abroad put a target on your back. I never felt less safe, than during his presidency.

The Trump administration is very different.

While Trump is not afraid to flex America’s military muscle, he uses the weapon of the American economy most.

Thus, when Pastor Andrew Brunson was detained and imprisoned in Turkey during the time of Obama, President Trump worked to free him. And it just happened.

According to Fox News:

Andrew Brunson, the American pastor who was imprisoned and then placed under house arrest in Turkey over his alleged ties to an outlawed group, was ordered freed on Friday and sentenced to time served, a Turkish judge ruled.

The decision ended a tense diplomatic standoff between the U.S. and Turkey that began following Brunson’s October 2016 arrest. The 50-year-old pastor was facing terror and espionage-related charges and was detained by Turkey as part of a government crackdown following a failed coup attempt months earlier.

Brunson appeared Friday at prison complex in Izmir for his fourth hearing, telling a courtroom that he is “an innocent man.

“I love Jesus, I love Turkey,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

The claim by Turkey is that Brunson had links to groups who they say orchestrated a coup against Erdogan.

Team Trump sanctioned Turkey over the incident, in retaliation. Trump made it clear to Turkey and the world that you must leave Americans alone.

Consider the ramifications of what Trump did. For example if bad guys kidnap an American anywhere, Trump won’t send in SEALs to seek and destroy just a few bad hombres. Trump penalizes the entire economy. That way, citizens of the country and the government work to get the American freed. For Trump, the message is we won’t spend a nickel finding anybody, as that onus will be on you. And if the American isn’t sent back intact, then your entire population will suffer.

America’s best weapon is our economy. It’s stronger than any war machine we might build. Trump is well aware of this. This is why soon, Americans may travel the world securely.

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