President Trump Smashes Another DC Lie

President Trump made another announcement sure to shock DC.

Because bureaucrats are known for lots of talk, and little action. Like President Trump has done in almost all phases of government, he actually addresses the promises.

But these are not just his promises. As he noted during his recent meeting with his Cabinet, DC promised on multiple occasions to save a penny.

Here is Obama opining about the penny, while the discussion loomed on whether to save it as currency:

The penny may be joke to Obama, but not to President Trump.

According to Fox News:

President Trump will ask all secretaries in his Cabinet on Wednesday to reduce their spending by five percent for fiscal year 2020, as the administration announced the federal budget deficit has surged to its highest level in six years.

“I have a Cabinet meeting in a little while and we are going to ask every secretary to cut five percent for next year,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office ahead of his full Cabinet meeting slated for Wednesday afternoon.

The president referenced the “save a penny”, meaning just a one percent savings over time can significantly reduce the deficit.

The president added that some departments could possibly save more. But expectations are that government cut itself by 5 percent minimum.

If the president requires this each remaining year he’s in office, we can significantly trim the fat from our bloated budget.

The focus for the president represents a doubling of his effort to address the economy. He will reign in spending, while simultaneously building the economy.

President Trump’s Treasury Secretary declared that this approach puts America back on a sustainable path for the future.

Back to the symbolism.

Since when do you hear billionaires talk in pennies? Especially when you’re dealing with an economy where millions represent rounding errors.

Such is President Trump. He sees money the same way he sees the little guy. Individually we are infinitesimal. But together, we all add up.

This incremental approach to the economy is why America will thrive during the Era of Trump. He’s teaching the country not to dismiss the little things. Further, if you begin now and begin small, you won’t feel the pain as much. In the end however, the little things become big.

That’s how we got into debt, incrementally. Consider how you got into debt. It’s rare that one thing caused most people’s financial woes. Those problems came from multiple small increases, and then one thing was all it took to send finances tumbling.

Obama had no idea how to manage an economy. He couldn’t even manage his own finances, until Ayers wrote his book, and he became a millionaire. At that point, he won the presidency, and was on Easy Street. Left to his own, Obama would have suffered the fate of most young black men in his predicament, and lived hand to mouth.

For the naysayers, understand that Obama didn’t have cab fare to return from the 2004 Democratic Convention.

It’s good to see a financial genius at the helm in DC.

Certainly the Deep State is panicked. Because Trump will want to account for our money. We may never know all the secret slush funds. Nevertheless we are much closer to solvency than at any time in modern history.

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