Republicans GUARANTEED to Flip This Democrat Senate Seat

Republicans just got their first Senate seat flip.

And the seat flipped on the calculus by Democrats that the modified version of the #MeToo movement would save their butt in the midterms.

According to The Daily Caller:

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp will vote against confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, she revealed to local media Thursday afternoon.

“The process has been bad but at the end of the day you have to make a decision and I’ve made that decision, I will be voting no on Judge Kavanaugh,” she told North Dakota’s WDAY ABC in an exclusive interview. Heitkamp was seen as a possible yes vote for Kavanaugh.

Fear not for losing Heitkamp’s vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Vegas still places odds that Kavanaugh wins confirmation.

Consider this “no” vote Heitkamp’s last hoorah as a Senator. She has likely been promised something outside of government far more lucrative than a senate seat in North Dakota. But in the long game the Democrats play, this last ditch effort to keep Kavanaugh off the bench appears worth it.

Recall the Democrats tried the #MeToo strategy on Donald Trump, first in the special elections.

They refueled “The Misandrists”, their rocket aptly named to destroy men, particularly good men. They tarnished the reputation of Judge Roy Moore and got their first skin on the wall. Nice win, but the Left needed a symbolic sacrificial lamb. One of their own.

Thus, former (thankfully) Senator Al Franken was kicked to the curb by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Franken was sacrificed to shift focus of the movement from lecherous Leftist men like Harvey Weinsten (and many other Hollyweirdos and other entertainers) to Donald Trump. One judge in Alabama would not be enough.

So, Round Two of the Trump #MeToo Takedown went full swing.

Democrats dragged the dregs, and Stormy Daniels emerged from her subterranean strip club and began the next phase of the ruse.

Daniels made claims that prior to Trump becoming president, they had consensual sex. If the incident is true, it’s a black-eye in Trump’s marriage, but hardly more than cocktail banter in DC.

I mean, would Carrier now have ammunition to say,

“See, now you know why we wanted to move our plant to MEXICO!?”

The Left even attacked Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. He was to be the one who brought down “The Donald”. After all, he had tapes.

Consider how long Cohen represented Trump, then he turned on him. Cohen recorded conversations with his client, and the Left saw the man as a potential hero. In a real twist of irony, the recordings actually showed that Trump was innocent. Plot foiled.

Republicans missed multiple opportunities to turn this movement back to the men it mostly fits: Democrats.

$17 million in payoffs to cover sexual abuse allegations, and the Republicans said nothing. More recently, Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) who is running attorney general has serious allegations of abuse against him. Republicans are quiet for the most part.

Democrats offer no such quarter as they reviewed Kavanaugh’s high school year books. One can only imagine how many potential politicos are scrubbing theirs now, and mending old primary school fences.

Interestingly, when one considers the Democrats’ strategy, a pattern develops.

They accuse men of infidelity or worse. They are then forced to find the sleaziest (Is this word OK, Fox?) of women to make the claims. Then the Left orchestrates for the best.

Unfortunately for them, far too many people have seen through these wicked schemes. Worse for the Left is they put far too many marbles in this basket.

I believe Kavanaugh will be appointed, and he may get more Democrats defectors than the Left believe. The next big blow to the Left comes in the mid-terms, which they have completely blown.

They have attempted to rid America of its best president, possibly in history. And Democrats have proven they have no level of depravity to which they won’t sink. America witnessed this first-hand, as they Left exposed its tricks like a bad magician.

So Heitkamp is gone. Something convinced her to resign herself to that fact, but get paid in the process. Follow the money, after Heitkamp is no longer a senator.


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