Senator Gives Best #MeToo Slap Down To Date [VIDEO]

Talk about a “mic drop” moment that should send the #MeToo hypocrites scrambling down their rat holes.

Bill Cassidy just became a new political hero.

The woman in the video below decided to drop a #MeToo hand grenade on Senator Bill Cassidy as he strolled the halls of the Senate building. Like other Leftist feminists, she tried to shift the blame of sexual abuse by mostly Leftist men like Harvey Weinstein on the shoulders of Republicans who dare to confirm an innocent man to the SCOTUS.

So as Bill Cassidy approaches, the woman asks him to apologize for “ruining her children’s futures”.

The answer she got back was totally BOSS!

Social media has gone wild over the video, as the tweet above by Michael Moates suggests.


It’s clear that things have changed in the Republican Party. I know in the past, Republicans would have attempted to placate the Left. To reason with them. However, clearly Cassidy wasn’t backing down.

People are calling this The Lindsay Graham Effect.

And as more social media responses suggests, people are energized by the new Republican Party.

Hypnoyouellie@hypnoyouellie tweeted

that didn’t go as planned

PurpleSky11@purple_sky11 tweeted,

My ‘hero list’ is filling up! Thank you, @BillCassidy!

Many others noted the parents’ use of the children.

Carol Golembiewski@redcarol57 tweeted:

Love that he called out the parents for using their children as tools.

The Trump Effect engendered The Graham Effect.

And second only to losing the black vote, Democrats fear Republicans actually growing backbones. 

Clearly the Republican base is excited, as Marleigh Nolan’s tweet suggests:

Omg! I can’t stop watching this! Finally it looks like the GOP is fighting back!

But my favorite tweet came from “stinky_thumbs”.

Bill Cassidy ladies & gentleman. One of my new favorite senators! This whole politics thing is getting better than the WWF in the 80’s! I need this dudes trading card.

I agree, Chad. Cassidy’s response was PRICELESSS. Furthermore, it signaled that Republicans (at least some) are getting it. They aren’t falling for the Leftist nonsense.

I believe if this video puts fear in the Left that can’t be downplayed. Cassidy didn’t fall for the Alinsky blame game. Nor did he buy into the fraud #MeToo narrative.

We are indeed winning…finally!


Does anyone know who this sorry excuse for a mom is ? I’d bet she’s sticking with the cowardly approach by showing her CHILDREN and not having enough conviction in her own words to show herself. Sen Cassidy is a class act and a true lead by example man !





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