Shocking 2020 Presidential Developments

No Republican will dare challenge President Trump in 2020. And frankly, no Democrat should either.

Unless you just want to see how campaigning works, 2020 is a political waste of time. Trump’s record is stellar enough now to guarantee re-election. In another two years, he will be canonized.

But there will be an interesting development in 2020, that might shock a few people.

I know Donald Trump’s style. He likes people who bring the “it” factor to things. But simply: VP Pence lacks that quality.

Undoubtedly Pence is a nice man. He makes an adequate VP. But Trump doesn’t see the Veep position like most politicians, i.e. competition. He sees the Veep as part of succession planning. The VP should be the next person ready to lead the nation.

I don’t think President Trump sees VP Pence as that person. I do believe he sees Nikki Haley as that person.

According to Fox News:

Nikki Haley has said she will not run for president in 2020. But would she run for vice president in 2020 and then president in 2024? That could be the right path for the U.N. Ambassador, who has announced she will retire at the end of this year and who is definitely presidential material.

It’s a long time until 2024. Some speculate that Haley might run for the Senate should fellow South Carolinian Lindsey Graham be appointed to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General after the midterm elections. Barring that opportunity, she runs the risk of fading from view and missing her moment, as Chris Christie did in 2012. Whether or not the president is reelected two years from now with Haley as his running mate, she would naturally emerge as the front-runner in 2024.

Haley won’t run for Senator.

She will maintain a high profile elsewhere for the next two years. At some point during this period, Mike Pence will be told that he should prepare for a new role.

The article continues, speculating for a potential Haley selection as VP because President Trump could face a woman:

Many think that in 2020, President Trump is once again likely to face off against a female candidate. Whether it is Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton, his opponent (male or female) will surely attack Mr. Trump for his alleged philandering and supposed mistreatment of women. Nobody could better deflect such accusations than a woman who has worked for the president, and who can speak from personal experience of his support for capable and outspoken females.

President Trump doesn’t fear any of the women he would face on the Left.

Kamala Harris is the current Vegas favorite at +1000. She’s also the craziest, yes even more so than Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has her problems. Not surprisingly, her presidential career is over.

Kirsten Gillibrand has 0 percent pizzazz, and please tell me you aren’t thinking about Hillary!

In making his VP decision for 2020, Trump will consider his legacy. And to give America its first female president, and the child of legal immigrants would be one helluva legacy.

Her mother started quite a successful retail business in the U.S., so Haley knows the value of hard work and perseverance. She also understands the difference between legal and illegal when it comes to immigration.

Haley brings budget experience, having been governor of South Carolina. That position made her tough, and savvy. She has and has demonstrated the “it” factor. Frankly, Trump passes to torch only to such a person.

As a VP, Haley would have the final resume-builder that would separate her from the pack. Republicans will see Trump’s plan and most will wait their turn. Those who don’t will find Haley formidable to say the least.

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