Social Media LAMPOONS Warren’s DNA Test Results

NeverTrumper Stephen Hayes actually got this one correct.

He rightfully explains how Trump has already destroyed Elizabeth Warren’s chances at being a Democratic presidential candidate.

In a tweet, Hayes quoted an article from one of his peers:

“Baited by Trump’s gibes, Elizabeth Warren rushes headlong into self-parody with a lavish rollout of a DNA test that suggests that she may be (checks notes) 1/1,024th Native American.”

In what would be a magnificent sketch for SNL, Elizabeth Warren get pilloried.

We documented the Boston Globe’s nonsensical coverage of this farce of Warren releasing her DNA results. I’m shocked she didn’t call a press conference dressed in traditional Cherokee garb.

Without doing anything, President Trump proved how he can crush Democrats and their media friends without breaking a sweat.

Warren gleefully issued a report on her DNA results:

Let the lampooning begin. First, with the million dollar bounty Trump place on the results.

El Norte tweeted:

So @realDonaldTrump owes Senator Warren 1/1024th of a million dollars?

Michelle Malkin followed suit.

The venerable Ann Coulter made a sports announcement:

BREAKING: Cleveland Indians announce Elizabeth Warren not even eligible to be a bobblehead.

Comedian Dennis Miller chimed in:

This Elizabeth Warren press release can mean only one thing. She’s about to sue some poor bastard for residual casino ownership shares.

He has a point. Warren has profiteered in academia, so she used to “gaming the system”.

And what of Donald Trump Jr.? He went for the jugular with this tweet:

To show how in touch the Democrats are with the American people Elizabeth Warren and staff actually thought it would be good to show them that she likely got favorable treatment for her whole life for MAYBE POSSIBLY being 1/1024th Native American.

The Concord MA GOP entered the fray, mocking Warren’s credentials for diversity quotas:

Let’s see, that makes her, what, at best 1/128th “native American”? That should CERTAINLY be good enough to qualify for minority status to meet diversity quotas @Harvard and elsewhere.

Below is a two-fer. Matt Walsh and Guy Wood tag-team this farce.

Wood tweeted:

is setting the bar lower again!

Walsh tweeted:

Lol. She had a Native American in her family 10 generations ago. Does she really think this vindicates her? Has she lost her mind? That’s a serious question.

Tim Gray makes a great observation, based on the title of the article in The Hill:

If this is considered “strong evidence” then there are many “Native Americans” who have been denied financial assistance for college.

Craig_Deplorable offers an interesting morsel for discussion, particularly with the LGBT community:

@HeidiL_RN Today I learned from liberals that if you are 1/1024 Native American you are considered to be a full blooded Native American. BUT if you have 2 X chromosomes, you aren’t necessarily a female.

I’m anxious to see Warren’s alma maters debate this particular tweet.

Democrats really believe they can fool us with nonsense. Warren accomplished nothing positive. But she did confirmed what we already knew. She as much Indian, as Quasimodo

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