Fallout for Democrats BRUTAL After Release of FBI Report

In what comes as no surprise to anybody in America, including lying Leftists, the FBI cleared Kavanaugh.

Which means, Ford and all the other woman accusers (and those the Democrats still are lining up) are blatant LIARS!

I asked Howard Stern who tried to lambaste me on his radio program, a question.

“What name do you give a person who lies about someone, accusing the person of a criminal act. That lie could cost the accused one’s job, one’s family, and one’s lifelong reputation?”

I’d certainly like to know.

So I can officially call THAT name to the lying schemers (oops, another ‘s-word) that represents the Kavanaugh accusers.

Senator Dianne Feinstein herself knew what the FBI would come back with in advance. She need not see the report, but simply to know the reputation of her party and the “women” who were part of this cabal.

America doesn’t need to see this report in order to connect the dots on this. The plot to ruin Kavanaugh with the added benefit of ruining Trump. Ruining America, well that’s always the intention of the Left.

I guess they will have to be happy with just having my head, since I was fired for standing up for righteousness. A small price for me to pay to see a good man cleared.

President Trump signaled that he knew what was coming as well. At a rally in MS, Trump was said to have “mocked” Ford, a departure from his previous statement, where he called her “a very credible witness”.

I’m not holding that comment against him any longer, as he knew the Left watches his every word. He needed to appear to believe the utter nonsense of Ford’s testimony. But then he got tipped off, and his tone changed.

Trump went from discussing Kavanaugh’s beers to discussing Ford’s memory. And the American people did our due diligence, and began putting two and two together.

We examine Ford’s past, or the fact that she (and others) tried to cover it up. Too late, as the good journalists on the Right were on top of it. Thus, they got the year books. And we were able to examine the girl who only had one drink when supposedly Kavanaugh “raped” her.

And what of the notes of Ford’s therapist. Release the notes that supposedly confirmed her discussion about the sexual abuse.

Then what about the boyfriend who refuted the nonsense of claustrophobia and the need for multiple doors. Also he refuted her fear of flying, and a host of other lies she spewed like a Democrat-trained parrot.

Now the Democrats got their still Comey-infested FBI report, and it confirmed their greatest fear: being found out.

Will the 10 bonehead Democrat senators apologize to Kavanaugh. Don’t bet the farm on that. Democrats NEVER, repeat NEVER apologize. They never make amends. Because apology isn’t necessary for soulless, morally corrupt Leftists.

In fact, they will double-down. Some already have, threatening Kavanaugh post-confirmation. Why let the man rest, even when Democrats have the truth. After all, they have a wicked ideology to support.

Hey Mediaite, care to talk to me now? Time, still want that interview? What will the Leftist rags write, now that we have the official report that completely exonerates Kavanaugh?

I can see the headlines now, as the media suggest:

“Nothing to see on FBI Report on Kavanaugh…back to more Hate-Trump News!”

I’m not mad at the Leftists. That’s like being mad at a rattlesnake for biting you. The media do what they do.

But make no mistake about it; the FBI report vindicates Kavanaugh.

And what it further proves that Democrats are the lowest form of humanity, though the report won’t put it quite like that.


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